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Sir Allen Lane is attributed to be the founder of the publishing organisation named Penguin Books. Penguin had revolutionised the publishing industry during the 1930s when it introduced inexpensive and high quality paperbacks. They were sold through various street stores like Woolworths (Penguin Books, 2012). …
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Penguin And Random House Sign Merger Deal
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Download file to see previous pages Penguin had revolutionised the publishing industry during the 1930s when it introduced inexpensive and high quality paperbacks. They were sold through various street stores like Woolworths (Penguin Books, 2012). Pearson Plc., which is a global media organisation, is the owner of Penguin Group. Apart from Penguin, Financial Times and Pearson are also included as different business segments of Pearson Plc. It is headquartered at London and was founded in the year 1844 (Yahoo Finance, 2012a). On the other hand, Random House is a privately owned digital publishing house. Various imprints and publishing groups are run by the company worldwide. Random House is actually a subsidiary company of Bertelsmann AG. The company operates its business in various geographical regions of the world like Europe, America, South Africa, and Asia Pacific. The company is headquartered at New York, United States and its employee strength is around 5,343 (Bertelsmann AG, 2012a). The present study entails about the detailed analysis of the merger decision between the two global leaders in the books publishing industry, Penguin and Random House. ...
also provides financial and business news, analysis, comments and data. Pearson Plc. operates its business activities worldwide through five different business segments. Penguin is one of those five business segments operated by Pearson Plc. Penguin group is responsible for publishing around 4,000 non-fiction and fiction books every year. The books are offered to the consumers in different formats like on screens, paper, and even in audio formats and are meant for readers of all age groups. The range of front list and backlist titles of Penguin group is huge and includes classics, children, literary prize winners, and reference volumes titles. Its business operations are carried out worldwide with the help of many publishing houses located in different nations of the world. Penguin group publishes under some of the reputed imprints of the world like Putnam, Allen Lane, Viking, Berkley, Ladybird, Puffin, Dorling Kindersley, and Harmish Hamilton (Pearson plc, 2012). On the other hand, Random House is a US based multinational organisation which is engaged in the business of publishing general trade books in English language. On an average around 10,000 paperbacks, electronic and audio books are published by Random House annually and they come in 15 different local languages of various countries worldwide. It has been estimated that around 400 million books are sold by the company every year. It is one of the wholly owned subsidiary company of Bertelsmann AG. The imprints of the Random House Publishing Group of Bertelsmann AG includes Bantam, Dell, Delacorte, Ballantine books, Trade Paperbacks of Random House, One World, The Modern Library, Presidio Press, Triumph books, Spiegel, Spectra, Villard Books, and Grau. Ballantine Books is considered to be one of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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