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Host Country National Managers Contribution to Success of Expatriates - Dissertation Example

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The purpose of this dissertation “Host Country National Managers Contribution to Success of Expatriates” is to ensure a deeper understanding of the impact of the host country’s national managers’ contribution to the success of expatriates…
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Host Country National Managers Contribution to Success of Expatriates
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Extract of sample "Host Country National Managers Contribution to Success of Expatriates"

Download file to see previous pages  One approach is by asking the following question: what can organizations and their managers do so as to gain a better understanding of policies regarding international compensation? One way to gain a better understanding is through an effective training program for the new expatriate workforce, and compensation policies that are externally competitive and internally equitable for the success of any MNC (Human Development Report, 2009). METHODOLOGY This section shows how data was collected so as to find the answers to the research question, hence fulfilling the purpose of this dissertation paper. This will be subdivided into a description of the purpose of research, research approach and strategy. Later, data collection, sample selection and analysis of data will be presented. Lastly, we conclude the chapter with a discussion on how the data collected and presented is valid and reliable (Creswell, 2009). Purpose of the Research This paper aims at showing how the host country’s managers contribute to the success of the expatriates. This objective is descriptive in nature as it seeks to explain how the impact of the host managers leads to the success of expatriates. Research Approach Qualitative approach to this research is the most appropriate based on the purpose of this dissertation paper. It is the most appropriate approach to deal with people’s perceptions that are intangible. It also ensures close contacts with the study objects (Tayeb, 2005). Data Collection Data can either be primary or secondary, where each of the methods is a high complement of the other. It is highly recommended that a researcher uses as many measurements as possible so as to improve the validity of the study, hence leading to more convincing and accurate findings and conclusions. In this paper, the main data sources used were interviews with evidence from the documentation. Interviewing was chosen as the most appropriate primary data collection method as it directly focused on the topic of this dissertation. The discussion involved questions dealing with a wide range of concepts, hence, enabling me to attain the open character of the interview. This also ensured flexibility in the respondent’s answers, and at the same time focusing on the certain issues in the guide. Data gathered through documentation is vital in substantiating evidence from other sources (Liu & Shaffer, 2005). Data Analysis Data was analyzed depending on my style of thinking, accompanied with sufficient presentation of evidence, while considering available alternatives and interpretations. Data was simplified by reducing and later on displayed, from where conclusions based on the findings were drawn. Data Validity and Reliability Validity is the ability of the measuring instrument to determine what it is supposed to access the highest. This is sometimes even more difficult if employees are not supported by the host company managers, their spouse, family, and if he/she was given no choice in deciding whether or not they wanted the job.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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