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Changes in the Transactions Cost Problems - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Changes in the Transactions Cost Problems” the author provides the view that considers the history of the company by the transaction cost problems faced by its managers. From an overarching perspective, one considers that a transaction cost is one incurred as organizations or individuals…
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Changes in the Transactions Cost Problems
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Download file to see previous pages The transaction cost perspective on the history of the business organization then emerges largely in contrast to the neoclassical model. Williamson (1981, p. 87) argued that there were a variety of distinguishing elements between the transaction perspective and the neoclassical approach. ...
27). It would seem then that the transaction implementation of governance structures more comprehensively explains business organization. Another of the prominent supports of the e-transaction cost perspective has been in terms of behavioral assumptions. And indeed, Daniel Kahneman was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in behavioral economics, attesting to the general academic acceptance of transaction perspective on the history of organizations (‘Maps of Bounded Rationality’, 2012). While previous economic theories emphasized rational markets, transaction market perspectives consider that markets must be understood in terms of bounded rationality. Bounded rationality assumes that individuals or organizations will operate within the bounded structures of their minds. The recognition that markets to a degree are irrational attests to the recognition that transaction costs have perhaps been a more accurate determinant of business organization than previous models, namely the neoclassical emphasis on hyper-rationality. Essentially, these classical perspectives, as evidenced in Adam Smith’s invisible hands of the market, as well as comparative advantage theories, argued that the market functions in rationally determined ways. The transaction cost perspective takes on a view of business organization and markets as subject to more modern perspectives, including behaviorism. In addition to corporate governance, and behavioral assumptions, the view that transaction costs explain the history of the business organization is supported by a number of other elements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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