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The explanation of the various management problems - Essay Example

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 (Principles of Management) By Name Presented to Course Institution Name, Location Date Due The management masters MBA degree basically involves the studies on the various management theories and practices that are useful in the description, explanation of the various management problems and further in addition to apply the underlying theories in solving these management issues…
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The explanation of the various management problems
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"The explanation of the various management problems"

Download file to see previous pages All of these fields are characterized with problem solving and decision making on the various management issues which is vital to the success and better performance of any organization in the context of the various department that are comprised in an organization. Through the study the student is able to make accurate, reliable and valid decisions on the management issues following the procedures and the guidelines that are consistent, feasible and in conformity with the better management practice and theories that aim at solving the underlying problems. With the effect of globalization and the advent of the new technologies taking its action in the various organizations, management has become an important tool and a vital aspect in the achievement of the set goals and objectives thus emerging the need to have a quality management team that is able to deliver the goal and objectives of the organization. Solving management problems requires the student to have adequate skills, qualifications and extensive understanding on the management and leadership which involves decision making. Although decision making has the tendency of being a natural and characterized with personal attributes it is important to integrate the various concepts of the management to improve the management decision quality and effectiveness. This implies that the management theories are acts as the facilitators of an effective, reliable, consistent and valid decisions made by the individual students who are the prospective managers of the various fields of management in the various contexts. The management theories assist management master’s degree students to be able to accurately interlink the management problem solving and the management decisions that are made at the various levels of management depending on the situation of an organization. The study of the management masters degree enables the students as potential managers to be able to apply the basic principles, laws and guidelines of the management process with the aim of optimally utilizing resources which are bound to be scarce. This process involves minimizing cost with anticipated maximum profitability and returns, and the whole process is facilitated by the modern management science and the availably technologies. In the field of management science and engineering the students of master’s degree will have acquired skills from the general management theories, operations management which is the core functional strategy of an engineering field, management system engineering, and information technology management - all these are incorporated with the decision making, game theory and the organizational theory. These theories mainly involve the designing of the economics management in engineering and the evaluation methods of the best engineering management practices. Secondly, there is the business administration where the study of the management theories is applied in the management of the corporation businesses as well as the non-profit making organization. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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