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Motivational Problem - Term Paper Example

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Motivational Problem Date Motivational Problem Brief Description of the Problem Situation Angel Smith had been working at the Customer Services Department of a large health care institution for three years now. During her first year, she was trained to assume the post of a customer service representative in charge of addressing inquiries regarding all facets of room availability, doctor’s clinic schedules, room rates, and other inquiries regarding diagnostic and laboratory examinations offered by the institution…
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Motivational Problem
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Download file to see previous pages Brown noted that she could be a supervisor within five years. After three years however, Ms. Brown retired and was replaced by Susan Rodgers, previously a Manager of Customer Service from a competitive health care organization. Ms. Rodgers manifested a leadership style that is autocratic and task oriented. She focused on adherence to policies and procedures, particularly in emphasizing sanctions for violating these policies. She did not recognize Angel’s exemplary performance and instead, criticized her openly and negatively. Ms. Rodgers, was a friend of Carrie Fischer, Angel’s colleague, her contemporary in terms of serving the same length of service but who showed lower productivity and performance than Angel. Ms. Rodgers promoted Carrie to the supervisor for the department, much to Angel’s surprise. From then on, Angel manifested a lack enthusiasm for her work, opted to become absent as much as she can, and failed to manifest the same level of performance during the time when Ms. Brown headed the department. Theory of Motivation Using Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory (Herzberg, 1996), it could be deduced that Ms. Rodgers failed to provide motivational factors such as the need to recognize achievement, responsibility, growth and professional advancement through exhibiting her leadership style. Frederick Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory suggests that the factors involved in producing job satisfaction are separate and distinct from those that lead to job dissatisfaction. By focusing more on company policies, supervision, sanctions for violations of policies, Ms. Rodgers provided hygiene factors that must be present to prevent dissatisfaction but are limited in their potential to provide a positive incentive. Likewise, by promoting Carrie Fisher, she exhibited unfair ability for just and reliable performance evaluation that contributed to low morale and low productivity for Angel, and possible to the other customer service staff. Theory to Describe an Intervention To motivate employees, particularly Angel, in this situation, the theory that could be used to address the dilemma is also the motivation-hygiene theory by focusing instead on the motivators. Angel should opt to elevate her concern to higher management in terms of questioning the decision of Ms. Rodgers to promote Carrie Fisher instead of her. Her performance evaluation, as proven during the time of Ms. Brown would attest her superiority over Carrie. However, she should be warned not to be demotivated and not to absent herself from work. Doing so would compromise her performance and indicate a negative feedback and would justify Ms. Rodger’s promoting Carrie. Management should effectively evaluate the problem and focus on motivating their personnel through recognizing the employees’ exemplary performance, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth through just and equitable promotions; which are all consistent with Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. Likewise, Herzberg actually proposed job enrichment strategies (Herzberg, 1981) by making the job challenging and meaningful. Herzberg’s model is deemed to be more specific in providing a framework by which these needs can be satisfied in the work setting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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