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Managing In A Mixed Economy - Assignment Example

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Partnership of governments and other private entities in the world result to greater functionality and developmental stimulations in companies rather than when the latter are left to grapple on their own (Bell & Shea 1999). …
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Managing In A Mixed Economy
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Download file to see previous pages The transport industry in a global observance has had numerous challenges. One of the main problems affecting this industry is the management and the development of good strategies that are meant to improve service delivery to the clients and citizens of the nations involved. It is in this bid that private and public partnerships of governments and private developers have come in to save the crumble of a lucrative economy. This paper focuses on the development of the private partnership between the United Kingdom government and private sector in the railway transport. A greater scrutiny into the functioning of the partnership, the different strategies and innovation packages that the two have developed will also form part of the analysis of this essay. There is an analysis of the nature of partnerships, the expected returns and the different strategies that have been developed over time for the realization of the objectives of the partnership programme. This paper therefore acknowledges the role that the country plays as a public entrepreneur and its partnership with the private partners in the rail industry....
The government has therefore entered into partnership with the ACORP (Association of Rail Community Partnerships). United Kingdom Freight Transport Report (2012) notes that the visit paid by the minister for the department of transport to the many projects involved have led to an increased developmental partnership and drawing of strategies together. The partnership between the two entities is thus projected towards the provision of better rail transport and supply of the rail systems to various cities in the region. There is also a projection towards the leadership in the management of the local community rail stations so as to improve the delivery of services. United Kingdom Freight Transport Report (2012) notes that one of the principle roles of the partnership with the government is to serve as a watchdog and yardstick upon which the decisions are made so as to benefit the local person. Therefore, local decisions in the country are made in bid to ensure that the budget of the rail management falls under the rightful specifications and with uttermost accountability. It therefore serves as the public watchdog besides the oversight of proper penetration of the rail systems to the remote parts of the community. Analysis of the partnership’s strategies The approach taken by the ACoRP and the UK government seeks to develop differentiated approaches for both infrastructure and operations. There is also bench marking of routes and also bring the power of management and decision making to the local people in the areas of operation. The partnership between the government and the ACoRP also adopts that a budget be drawn which will link the two entities in a mutually benefitting partnership programme. This will therefore ensure that there is responsible, proper and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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