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Research Skills for International Business - Assignment Example

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The paper "Research Skills for International Business" highlights that Tuckman’s model proposes a framework that researchers may follow in order to fulfill the requirements of researches. The framework establishes that studies must have formed, storming norming, and performing. …
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Research Skills for International Business
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Extract of sample "Research Skills for International Business"

Download file to see previous pages Research findings include an introduction, research questions and objectives, literature review, methodology, results and findings, discussion and conclusions. The introduction provides a background of the study and the statement of the problem. Before carrying out research, researchers need to identify the problem to be solved. Researches are used in developing solutions to particular problems. In order to create a deeper understanding of the problem, the background of the study will provide a synopsis of some of the theoretical aspects involved in the study. The second section is research questions and objectives. Once a research problem has been identified, researchers have to develop various objectives/aims attainable at the end of the research. Whilst attaining such aims or objectives, there are questions that researchers need to develop and provide their answers. It is in answering research questions that research objectives are attained. The literature review is a section that provides a short description as well as a critical evaluation of previous works related to the topic of study. Literature review section in most cases surveys scholarly articles, books, and other relevant materials whilst aiming at offering an overview of the importance of such works on the topic of study. The methodology defines the overall plan and materials applicable to conducting the research. Methodology section usually involves population under study, sampling methods, data collection, analysis, and presentation methods. Through this section, researchers are able to chronologically state how the study was conducted. Results and findings involve displaying of collected data from the sample. Here, the researcher provides all the results and information found during the research. It is important to provide results and findings since they form the basis or evidence of making discussion and conclusions. Discussion and conclusions section is the last of the six, which uses the results and findings to critically analyze the concepts of the study. Based on the topic of research, discussions and conclusions aim at providing an in-depth analysis of the data obtained in a view to answering research questions and attaining research objectives. In most case, conclusions of researches are accompanied by generalizations and recommendations. Part 2 Research in an academic journal article is likely to differ from research presented in a daily newspaper. Firstly, research in a journal article is likely to have the aforementioned six parts; introduction, research questions and objectives, literature review, methodology, results, discussions and conclusion, which are not likely to be found in daily newspaper research. Whereas daily newspaper researches reports aim at presenting what occurred in a given scenario, research reports on journal articles will always identify the problem within a scenario whilst developing appropriate solutions. Notably, research reports in the daily newspaper will not provide a discussion of other works in relation to the topic of discussion whereas research reports in journal articles will have to identify what previous studies indicated on the topic. It is also evident that while research reports in daily newspapers do not provide a general idea of a given topic, the research reports in academic journal articles will always present a general view of the problem under scrutiny.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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