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Managing Radical Changes in an Organization - Assignment Example

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The paper “Managing Radical Changes in an Organization” analyzes the use of organizational teams to implement radical changes, which has been a core recommendation by most scholars, however, the requirements for these teams to be successful in the change implementation are not clear…
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Managing Radical Changes in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Managing Radical Changes in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages The adoption-innovation theory and the ability based theory of emotional intelligence propose that the teams that observe the views of the employees, the team that uses the cognitive style will no fact be successful in the implementation of any form of change. Moreover, the leader of the team has a direct effect on the success of radical change implementation (Antonakis 2009). Nevertheless, the adoption-innovation theory and the ability based theory of emotional intelligence proposes that the teams that observe the views of the employees, the team that uses the cognitive style will no fact be successful in the implementation of any form of change. Moreover, the leader of the team has a direct effect on the success of radical change implementation (Antonakis 2009). 
The need and the consequences accrued to radical changes in an organization should be considered by the organizational leaders before making a decision. Such was the case in the Banking industry and has been successful in the implementation of this service. Despite the benefits that might be expected out of any changes to an organization, several kinds of research have shown that not all the radical changes that have taken place in most of the companies have achieved their intended purpose. While there might be several factors behind these failures, there is the underestimation of the quantity of time and the energy required that would create a new organizational culture so that the employees might be accepted and feel this change in the organization.  Without employee engaging in any type of change, there is a little realization of the profits or the required results. The organizational change is, therefore, a slow and dynamic process that needs careful planning. The external forces in the present economic and social environment have made many organizations seek the best ways in which to adapt and implement the changes they need in the organization. Nevertheless, the need to maintain the legitimacy of the company and the need to maintain the viability of the resources (Armenakis 1999).  Thus, therefore, there is a need to focus on radical change initiatives for the organizations to benefit from any form of change they are about to implement. The radical changes in the mobile banking industry are often associated with some form of risk and difficult to implement.  Change Process Models According to Baron (1997), change is a slow and dynamic process in an organization. It consists of several phases that need to be successive. These he referred to successive phases as “unfreezing, moving, and refreezing” (Barbuto 2006). Several other recent studies have based their ideas on this phase model and come up with related models that aim to show the practical aspect of the implementation of the radical changes by an organization.  Baron (1997) asserts that the implementation of the radical changes in an organization is a daunting task and therefore throughout the transition period there challenges that will be faced. These challenges, in addition, need to be managed through in a thorough manner. Therefore making the stakeholders see the immediate future of this kind of change was important to the implementation of the mobile banking service.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Managing Radical Changes in an Organization" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this text opens a new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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