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The Uses of Spatial Analysis In Organization - Research Paper Example

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This paper looks at what spatial analysis, and how it can be used, particularly at the Wells Fargo company. Research is an ongoing procedure that entails several steps. The steps transpire in a recommended progression, in the diverse research models…
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The Uses of Spatial Analysis In Organization
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Download file to see previous pages the visual viewpoint phenomenon’s spatial distribution, it is very important that the available patterns are translated into measurable considerations and objective. While White & Engelen (1997), give their description of what spatial analysis is Miller, (2004), asserts that it involves all of the formal mechanisms that are used in the study of entities by the use of geometric properties, geographic properties or even topological properties. Spatial analysis as a phrase means various or different mechanisms, whereby majority are still in the initial stages of development, by the use of various analytic methods and used in different areas like astronomy, where it is used in the studies of the galaxies’ positioning in the cosmos, and chipping of fabrication engineering. Moreover, it is always used in a much constricted sense in the description of the mechanisms that are used in the structures at the scale of humans, particularly in the appraisal of the geographic data. Sometimes, it is even used in referring to particular mechanism in one research area like the description of geostatistics (Goodchild, 1987). In their article, Fotheringham & Rogerson (1993), say that there are some complicated issues that normally come up in this kind of analysis, whereby most of them seem not to be defined in a clear manner, as well as not resolved well, however, they form the foundation for the present research. The one that appears to be the most critical one is the difficulty of the definition of the specific location of the entity’s that are being investigated. For instance, when we take a look at the study on the health of human beings, we find that the position of individuals could be defined with a point or mark put at their dwelling place, or even with a mark that is put...
This essay stresses that it continues using it as companies usually change tactics that can make or enable then remain relevant and survive in the market. This is a strategy that can help in identifying the competitors even if they change tactics by changing names and locations so as to bring confusion. It should be the sole responsibility of the top management of the company to ensure that the researches using this model are continued or maintained by investing heavily in it so as to give it the necessary support, as its results or benefits are clear. The company uses this method of study in trying to find the best place that it can set its branches so as to avoid making mistakes. On the other hand, it also enables the company to maintain the relative strategies of location, such as taking into consideration the competitor’s location.
This paper makes a conclusion that business is just as dirty game as politics and being smarter is the only key to success. It is true that different companies try to outdo each other and the best thing is always to adopt the most appropriate strategies so as to come out on top of the others. The path that Wells Fargo took of doing research using the spatial strategy is a good one and has appeared fruitful. The company has been able to identify the most appropriate places of setting up its branches as well as finding out the location of its major competitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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