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Issues in Contemporary Business Based on Google - Literature review Example

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The author of this paper defines organizational change and critically explain the forces driving innovation and change at Google. Innovation has not been a small case when it comes to Google Inc. The paper deals with the question of how can Google maintain its innovation strategy year after year…
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Issues in Contemporary Business Based on Google
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Download file to see previous pages According to McNamamra organizational change can be defined as A framework for putting new business processes in effect, making changes in the structure of an organization or employing any cultural change within the organization. A systematic approach to organizational change requires people to learn new sets of skills and behavior. According to McNamamra (n.d.), Organizational Change Management is defined as “Organizational change management is essentially the same as Organizational Change but the only difference is of implementation. The way change is implemented and managed in an organization, such practice is known as organizational change management.” (McNamara, n.d.)
Turner (2011) has explained that organizational change is generally referred to as the transformation through which a company goes as a result of the change in management, restructure, strategic orientation, development of new goals, the merger of acquisition, etc. Challenges which result from the events of organizational change have a ripple effect on the whole organization.
According to Turner (2011), this happens because business units are completely integrated and therefore a change in one unit has a domino effect on the other units. Effectively managing this procedure is art upon which a lot of consideration and expertise is provided so as to make it a new area of expertise known as Change Management. The process of change management is evolving due to changes in the preferences of customers, business landscapes, improved processes, and technologies, etc. (Organizational Changes, n.d.)
Some primary drivers behind the process of organizational change include Inadequate Financial Performance. According to Soosay (2005), those companies which do not get able to meet their benchmarks of financial positions are compelled to examine their business processes and objectives. This is the major driver behind the organizational change. If a new competitor enters into the same industry having advanced technology or cheaper labor, companies that were formally ruling the market and enjoying prosperity can find that their market share is cannibalizing. A failure to maintain its position as a major competitor stresses the company to rethink and reformulate the resource disposition and opportunity cost of capital. (Soosay, 2005)
Mecca (2004) states that when the life cycle of a product comes to an end, companies are compelled to cut down the operating cost of production or prepare in order to get exit from the market. At this stage, many companies prefer getting merged or acquired by larger companies. This leads to structural changes in which a company can either refocus on new business opportunities or maintain its profitability.
Lloyd (1998) states that if a company prefers to change its strategic objectives then it also leads to change the entire organization for instance if a company plans to shift its focus from customer-oriented to product-oriented, then new business procedures and processes will be required to assist this re-orientation. This type of change can result in firing redundant staff and enhancing the production process.
According to Govindarajan (2011), significant re-engineering and cost cutting is required when firms plan to consolidate its operations or getting merged with some other company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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