Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR - Assignment Example

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You are the regional HR manager, and are investigating the reasons the recruitment and retention difficulties are occurring at Davidsons. Specifically, you are required to answer the following three questions:
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Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR
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"Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR"

Download file to see previous pages 1. What are the key social trends that might be causing these problems? Try to find facts and figures to support your answer.
The key social trends include the fact that employees have largely been unwilling to apply their own selves towards work and this is the reason why the employee turnover rate is quite high at Davidsons. Davidsons is a name that is renowned throughout the United Kingdom and all out efforts are required by its management to make sure that the employees and workers remain on board no matter how tough or trying the circumstances turn out to be. The social trends need to change and this is something that will work in the favour of Davidsons because it will be able to derive the benefits and extract profits in the future. The facts and figures that can be used to support this anomaly surround the basis of understanding where Davidsons is going wrong and how it can have a better and more constructive relationship with the employees that join its ranks. The social trends can only get better when there is more energy and dynamism shown by the Davidsons’ top hierarchy so that success shall happen in an easy way. Perhaps the attitudes of the officials are one thing that must be deciphered in an adequate sense because this sets the basis for achieving harmony and success across the board. It is also one of the reasons why Davidsons is losing out on its popularity within the United Kingdom and thus staunch efforts are needed to make amends....
The employment issues will come up time and again if the employees and potential workers know that they will be treated differently, and their domains would be sabotaged by the ones who exist in the workplace realms. The social trends therefore have a huge say in asking the employees where they might like to see changes within the relevant contexts. The social trends essentially dictate the difference between the good initiatives at work and the bad omens which have come about due to a number of factors. On the part of Davidsons, it is of paramount significance to comprehend that these social trends are rectified for the best interests of the employees and so that the new ones also acquaint it from time to time, whilst retaining the old ones. The impact of these social trends on employment issues therefore happen when the company is going through a tough time and there are no friends for its basis in the long run. This is the time when the social trends need to be aligned in such a way that there are only benefits to gain from. 3. What would you recommend Davidsons do to address these social trends? Davidsons needs to make a number of changes within its fore as far as the social trends that exist within its fore are concerned. This will mean that the employees need to be given more security which they look forward to receiving at the hands of the Davidsons’ top management. They must feel good when they are at work because higher motivation levels ensure that things are working fine within the realms of Davidsons. I would recommend Davidsons to go all-out in its quest to bring up changes because its own reputation is now at stake. It must make sure that these changes do not hamper its working realms. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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