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Changes in an Organization Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency - Coursework Example

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The paper "Changes in an Organization Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency" discusses that change is unavoidable reality and technology has made it a permanent part of today’s corporate structure. The small real estate agency finds no other way except to impart computer-based business operations…
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Changes in an Organization Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency
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Extract of sample "Changes in an Organization Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages The basic advantage of the internal change is that it can be avoided, can be postponed and can be further amended to bring a choice based condition into change activity. And there is strong evidence suggesting that the organizations prefer to use and incorporate internal changes instead of implementing change dictated by the external forces. The external change cannot be a voluntary act. The organizations do not have a choice whether to implement it or avoid it. The external change cannot be avoided. The management of organizations is bound to implement conditions required by the external change. The effects of the external change may not be welcomed by the organizations. The fundamental problem with the external change is that its developers do not have a direct relationship with senior management of the organizations but they are normally developed and enforced by the regulatory authorities who have their objectives to be served by implementing the change requirements. As a result, the organizations do not wholeheartedly accept the impacts of the external change. And most of the time, they intend and prefer to resist the external change whenever they receive an opportunity to do so. In the subsequent parts of this paper, first change and its different aspects and the responses of the agency have been discussed Subsequent to that, the type of change is accounted for. In which type of change provided has been included. It is followed by the part elaborating the impacts of the change on the business operations. Before the conclusion, Kottler’s 8-step change model has been used on the organization and on the role of directors in handling and managing the needs of change required by the legislation. Change is essential to organizational survival (Van de Ven 1986). More clearly, change through the pursuit of new strategies becomes a highly significant component for organizational survival. All too often, however, organizations fail to remain adaptive to exogenous shifts in their environment (Christensen and Bowers 1996; Kotter 1996). The expansive literature highlights the factors favoring organizational stability and resistance to change (Nelson and Winter 1982; Tolbert and Zucker 1983; Hannan and Freeman 1984). Even when top management recognizes the need to change, publicly declare new strategic initiative, change or modify incentives and divert significant resources to develop supportive organizational structures the persistence of existing older norms persistently impede organizational transformation. However, the challenge of change is even more daunting for an organization working in highly institutionalized framework with strong traditions along with well-established norms of behaviour (DiMaggio and Powell 1983; Kaartz and Moore 2002). Despite such circumstances, organizations do survive and continue doing business. Understanding the differential capability of organizations to change has become a central point (Bercovitz and Feldman 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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