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The UK Retail Sector - Assignment Example

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In the proposed study “The UK Retail Sector” the information from secondary sources will be sufficient to answer all the research questions. Extensive research has been conducted by independent researchers and those working under government agencies on the UK’s retail sector…
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The UK Retail Sector
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Extract of sample "The UK Retail Sector"

Download file to see previous pages Researchers use secondary data as a source of exploratory information on their research topics. This exploratory information helps research in designing research instruments for primary research. For instance, a researcher may use the exploratory information as a guide to formulating questions in a questionnaire or for focus groups. The nature of existing secondary data on a research topic can help a researcher in making a decision on the most appropriate research design to use in his or her studies. For instance, secondary data may indicate past attempts by other researchers to conduct primary research on a topic and their success or failure. If past researchers have ruled out the possibility of conducting primary research in a certain file, secondary data will help a researcher to save time and resources by adopting a secondary research design (Wrenn, Stevens & Loudon 2006, p. 72).
The existing literature on the UK’s retail sector indicates the significance of the sector to the economy as well as its magnitude. The retail sector is large and consists of very many significant industries. Past researches and government publications indicate its trend over the years including its performance during the financial crisis. This information has helped the researcher to settle on a secondary research design especially due to its large size. The information and insights from secondary resources will be helpful in the future in case the researcher decides to conduct primary research on a section of the UK’s retail sector. The existing literature will be useful in designing research instruments and research planning. In addition to providing guidance in preparing research instruments and choosing a research design, secondary data acts as a standard for evaluating primary data (Wrenn, Stevens & Loudon 2006, p. 72).
Secondary data can guide a researcher in formulating a hypothesis or different areas in the field of interest that a researcher can explore. Once the hypotheses are formulated, the researcher can then decide on whether to use a primary or secondary research design. This implies that a researcher can use secondary data to formulate a hypothesis or define the scope of research for a secondary research design. Secondary data also informs a researcher on the existing level of knowledge in the field of interest. Thus, a researcher does not waste time and resources analyzing something that another researcher has already analyzed. This means that if a researcher decides to go straight to primary research without considering secondary, he or she may end up with similar findings as to past researchers and thus add no new insights (Wrenn, Stevens & Loudon 2006, p. 72).
The researcher has explored the existing literature on the UK’s retail sector to determine the current level of knowledge of the sector. A brief preview of this literature indicates that most of the existing pieces of literature simply describe the sector and its performance over the years. There is no primary research that had been conducted to determine the factors that enable this sector to survive the financial crisis. However, analyzing different works of literature will help the research to understand what factors were in place during the financial crisis and how each factor affected the retail sector. Secondary data on the UK’s retail sector has helped the researcher to define the specific area in the retail sector that will be analyzed in the proposed study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Retail Business Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
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