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The Value Investing Approach ( Banjamin Graham ) - Research Paper Example

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This paper demonstrates what made Graham’s ideas stand out. It is not just the meager concept of buying low and sell high. It was more of purchasing cheap assets and sell them later as expensive assets while at the same time looking for large gaps between the worthiness of stock’s and their price…
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The Value Investing Approach ( Banjamin Graham )
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Benjamin Graham is believed to be the original intelligent investor. In his lifetime (1894 to 1976), he was able to enormously contribute to the main subject of investments and security analysis. His works vary from helping an individual perform his own portfolio management, searching for a timely company, purchasing of stocks, and investment of retirement savings at Wall Street. It is worth noting that Graham was always trying to purchase stocks that were been traded at a discount as compared to their net Current Asset Value. In simpler terms, he purchased stocks that were undervalued and he would hold them until they were fully valued. Graham was once known to have said that the determining characteristic of an investor will be his willingness to spare his time and care when selecting securities that are sound and can be seen to be attractive than the average. Nonetheless, an enterprising investor of his caliber could expect a worthwhile reward when it comes to his extra skills and efforts. This could take the form of a better average return as compared to the returns realized from a passive investor. The former world’s richest person (Warren Buffett) is one of the most known Graham’s disciples. Through Berkshire Hathaway, an investment vehicle that Buffet used for the last 40 years, he was able to make 22.2 percent annuals gains for all those years. This is one remarkable record. One may think that this form of percentage is small as compared to the 70 and 100 percent we witness on websites and newsletters. Fortunately, buffet was able to achieve his annual gain year after year, and what we see on the websites and newsletter is just the hype merchant’s use by the wayside. In the end, buffet still has the sovereignty as been the greatest investor of recent times (BuffetsSecrets, 2011). This paper will demonstrate what made Graham’s ideas stand out. It is not just the meager concept of buying low and sell high. It was more of purchasing cheap assets and sell them later as expensive assets while at the same time looking for large gaps between the worthiness of stock’s and their price. Graham is known to have referred to this as the Margin of Safety (GrahamInvestor, 2012). This form of approach is known to have consumed plenty of time as it was an active investment. It should be known that it could not be done submissively until recently. In any given financial matters, the management of finances is something very important for the immediate and event the later future of an individual’s finances or that of an organization. This means that finance management can either be long term or even short term. In that case, the management of finance will basically involve the future planning of someone’s finances or even that of a business. This is usually done so that there can be a guarantee of smooth financial flow for the business or one’s affairs. So as to be done in a much effective manner, it has always been necessary to have administration issues and maintenance of all possible financial goods and assets. Another important element of financial management is that it has to cover all the processes which are involved in the overall identification and management of risks. When it comes to the issues of financial management, there should be the element of assessment on the financial situations rather than involving the techniques which entail quantification of the finances. This gives the duty of a financial manager in ensuring that he or she looks keenly at all the available information and data in making useful judgments on the enterprise or business performance of enterprises. Management of finance should be applied as an interdisciplinary approach which has to effectively borrow from the areas of managerial aspects, accounting modalities, and with corporate financing. Graham’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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