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Sweatshops & Anti Sweatshop Movement - Assignment Example

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This study looks into sweatshops and anti sweatshop movement. Sweatshop which is often referred as sweat factory is a pessimistically connoted term for any working environment well thought-out to be inappropriately difficult or dangerous…
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Sweatshops & Anti Sweatshop Movement
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that sweatshop workers often labor long hours for very low pay, despite of laws mandating overtime pay or a lowest amount wage. Child labor laws may be debased, or sweatshops may have dangerous materials and situations. Employees may be issued to employer mistreatment without an easy way, if any way, to protect themselves. The anti-sweatshop movement in the U.S. and other developed economies has, in recent years, effort to use consumer boycotts to eliminate sweatshop working conditions and child labor in less developed economies. Unions and college student associations have been leading the drive for sweatshop boycotts. The anti-sweatshop movement acknowledged a great deal of well-liked attention when it was found that Kathie Lee Gifford's garments company had engaged Honduran sweatshop workers to manufacture her line of clothing for Walmart. Roughly 10% of the workers engaged in this task were amid the ages of 13 and 15. A 75-hour workweek was the standard in these factories. When this became revealed, Kathie Lee Gifford condemned these sweatshops and affirmed that she was uninformed of the working conditions in these factories. In reaction to the anti-sweatshop movement, several organizations have been formed or have extended their roles to observe working conditions in less urbanized countries. Among the major organizations helping this function are the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Verité, and Social Accountability International (SAI)....
Critics of sweatshops dispute that the minor gains made by employee of some of these organizations are overshadowed by the negative costs such as poor wages to augment profit margins and that the institutions pay less than the severyday expenses of their workers (Archon Fung, Dara O'Rourke, Charles F. Sabel, 2008 ). Often times, economists are inquired about sweatshops. Individuals often believe that sweatshops are ethically wrong and thus question why they exist. However, they are not ethically wrong. In fact, sweatshops are in reality one of the first optimistic signs of growth for those in developing countries (Raymond C. Miller, 2008). It is difficult to describe a low wage. Americans often gasp at the earnings for which those in developing countries are eager to work. A low wage by American standards does not essentially consider it a low wage. One must evaluate the wage by the standards in the nation in which it is being compensated In the United States; $5 per hour would be deemed an objectionable wage because it is below our minimum wage. Likewise, the citizens of the United States enjoy a privileged standard of living. Those who are measured poor still drive cars and own televisions. However, in other nations this is not the case. In developing countries, the main apprehension is often food and shelter. When the standards of living are so little, the money can go a lot further. Supporting Reasons Sweatshops are also main signs of escalation in developing nations. As more and more of these shops unlock, more and more individuals can locate work. The rivalry for labor will persist to push wages higher. This boost in employment and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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