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Advantage and Disadvantage of Globalization - Research Paper Example

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Globalization cannot be considered as a sole concept that can be easily defined and covered within a set time frame. It is also not a procedure that can be described clearly with a commencement and an end. In addition to these, it cannot be explained upon with confidence and be appropriate to all the people and in all contexts…
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Advantage and Disadvantage of Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages Globalization comprises economic incorporation, the relocation of the policies across the borders, sharing of knowledge, cultural stability, the reproduction and discourse of power. It is a global procedure, a concept and the development of global market which is free from socio-political control. Globalization tends to include all these aspects. The concepts related to globalization have been defined since long period of time with certain suggestions referring to progress, development and constancy, incorporation as well as cooperation. While few others referred to the concept as regression, destabilization and colonialism. Although there are certain challenges, this term brings with it numerous hidden agendas. These are an individual’s political thoughts, geographic spot, social position, cultural setting along with racial and religious relationship that offers the conditions determining how globalization is interpreted (Stallings) By its characteristics, globalization comprises of numerous disciplines, communities as well as cultures. This permits for numerous viewpoints such as economic, political as well as social. Globalization is considered as an evolutionary term and is considered as a fluid procedure which is constantly changing with the progress of the human society (Goyal). The main objective of this paper is to identify the advantage and the disadvantage of globalization in the United States and other countries. At the onset, the paper will try to offer clear definition of the term globalization. Then, it will try to identify the impact of globalization on various countries and abroad. The paper will mainly concentrate upon the advantages and disadvantages of globalization to the United States and other countries as well. Meaning of the Term Globalization Globalization is the hastening and strengthening of communication among the people, companies as well as governments of numerous nations. It can be stated that value tends to play a vital role in describing globalization. A definition of the term globalization as “Americanization” or possibly, the “McDonaldization”, of the world demonstrates globalization as one of the procedures derived by American consumer culture that in turn affects other cultures (Al-Rodhan). There are three main tensions related with globalization. The three tensions demonstrate the contradictory values at stake in the procedure of globalization. By evaluating the controversies regarding globalization via the prism of these three main tensions, one can easily comprehend the positive as well as the negative impacts of numerous components of globalization and the ways to locate the balance thereby reproducing their values. The first tension is related to individual choice and societal choice. A conflict arises when an individual, practicing his/her right to make use of a particular lifestyle, to purchase a particular product, or to consider a particular thought is generally not matching with what society as a whole states is most preferable for the society at large. For example, a few of the people in the society may prefer smoking and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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