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The analysis of the business strategies of Gene one - Research Paper Example

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The paper will evaluate the effectiveness of leadership through its effectiveness in handling employee grievances arising out of the change process and implementation of effective change management tools and techniques…
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The analysis of the business strategies of Gene one
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Extract of sample "The analysis of the business strategies of Gene one"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover frequent changes in leadership in the Food and Drug Administration have further increased investors confidence in the same. Thus the board has made it a point to increase the company’s growth target by 40%. However this is not possible to happen without the company being made public in the coming three years. However, this is not free from some hurdles. It involves costs in the form of IPO capital for the new developments, costs in the form of advertisements and huge marketing expenses to retain success in the market. There is also an issue that investors have been becoming increasingly cautious about the biotech investments because of a prevailing scandal in human genome sequencing. Despite of the fact that it is a different company this is sure to create negative publicity for the industry at large. This would have to be overcome by showing that it possessed the leadership capacity and technology which was required to operate in future. Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas The idea was to develop two new breakthrough technologies along with the development of six new and innovative products which would be based on the current technology. However, this would necessarily mean need for new technical expertise and skills which would consequently make the prevailing human expertise obsolete and redundant and this would consequently have impact on the employees in the organization. Changing the technology application and usage might call for job cuts and company downsizing. However, the situation would confront with certain ethical dilemmas and constraints. Job cuts would spoil the reputation of the company largely and abrupt changes in the present job structures and...
The paper throws light on considerable opportunities for growth considering the high growth phase of the industry segment that the Gene One operates. However, in order to realize the ambitious goals of the company it is very essential to ensure organizational excellence. This calls for effective leadership skills on the part of the leader of the organization. The business leader must essentially have the vision and long term planning skills in order to ensure business growth. The leader must follow a democratic approach in dealing with the employees. This would ensure participation from all the quarters of the organization that would instill greater trust and confidence among the employees. In addition to this effective leadership in the organization would also ensure greater job satisfaction that would lead to motivation among the employees of the organization. This is very important as employees or the human resources are the ultimate assets for any organization and the success of an organization is highly dependent upon the performance of the workforce. Finally, there should be careful planning and co-ordination as well as risk management techniques that can help in monitoring and evaluation. An effective leader must also ensure complete responsibility of the entire project so as to ensure long term sustainable competitive edge for the organization in the long run so as to help make Gene One a corporate giant as well as a formidable brand in the global market and help maintain sustainability and profitability in the long run. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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