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Shoes manufacturer Skills Footwear in Sri Lanka - Dissertation Example

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The research is about a show manufacturer in Sri Lanka called Skilled Footwear. The firm is facing a problem, as the productivity level of the firm is low. The main research problem was to identify the causes of the low levels of productivity among the labour of Skills Footwear. …
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Shoes manufacturer Skills Footwear in Sri Lanka
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Download file to see previous pages g the employees 12 Ensure employee satisfaction 12 Consult stakeholders 13 2.3 Motivational theories 13 2.3.1 Maslow’s need Hierarchy 14 needs 15 Social needs 15 Esteem needs 15 Self-actualization 16 2.3.2 Adam’s Equity Theory 16 2.3.3 Vroom’s Expectation Theory 17 2.3.4 Two Factor Theories-McGregor 17 2.3.5 Balanced scorecard 18 Meeting the demand and production level 19 2.4 Types of Motivation 21 2.4.1 Intrinsic motivation 21 2.4.2 Extrinsic Motivation 21 2.5. Incentives 22 2.5.1 Financial Incentives 23 2.5.2 Non-financial incentives 23 2.6 The Ansoff Matrix 24 2.6.1 New product development 25 Chapter 3 –Methodology 26 3.1 Introduction 26 3.2 Role of the researcher 26 3.3 Research design 28 3.4 Sampling 29 3.5 Conducting the research 29 3.6 The questionnaire method 30 3.7 The questionnaire design 31 3.8 Data types 32 3.9 Data collection procedure 33 3.10 Trustworthiness of the methodology 33 3.10.1 Reliability 33 3.10.2 Validity 34 3.10.3 Ethical validity 34 3.10.4 Generalized validity 34 Chapter 4 Data Analysis and discussion 35 4.1 Introduction 35 4.2 Descriptive statistics 35 4.3 Employees Relationship Management and employees satisfaction (ES)38 4.4 internal business environment (IBE) and employees satisfaction (ES)43 4.5 Extrinsic motivators factors (Ext_Fac) and employees satisfaction (ES)47 4.6 Discussion 50 Chapter 5 5.1 Introduction 51 5.1.2 Conclusion 51 5.2 Recommendations 59 5.2.1 Introduction 59 5.2.2 Motivation to the employees 59 5.2.3 financial motivation 60 financial incentives 60 Creativity and new product development 60 highest production level reward 60 Incentives for non-absenteeism 61 5.2.4 Non-financial motivators 61 5.2.4. 1 Organizational...
The intention of this study is Skills Footwear & Co. that was established in 1980 and has the core business of manufacturing men’s footwear products for the local market. The firm was very successful primarily due to its competitive edge of the exemplary quality, competitively priced products and sustainable volumes of the products produced. Moreover, according to Lloyd the firm’s competitive advantage was its skilled labor and workmanship as the products were fully handmade. The organization had a total of 110 employees who reported to their middle level managers who reported to the entrepreneur thus having a comparatively flat organizational hierarchy. The operational level workers were on daily wages, which were the industry average rates. The management however received monthly wages. The Sri Lankan shoe industry has a total of 30 medium scaled and 3000 small-scaled manufacturers. The industry produces a wide range of shoes from canvas, sports and leather shoes and is also exporting finished products to EU and USA. As per a research done by the Development of Board Sri Lanka, the shoe industry witnessed a decline from 2007 onwards but the 2010 witnessed a surge in the export market due to the growth in the local tourist sector. However, the workforce in the industry is an issue. This is because the firm is making shoes completely by hand. But this is a difficult task and most firms have not incorporated technology into the process of production, which is not very lucrative for the workmen. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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