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The research paper tends to draw an outline of the Mucho Mas Company and its activities. The paper reflects that the employees are not encouraged to take decisions or in taking innovative actions and thereby get demotivated in the work sphere. …
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Business Internal Assessment: Mucho Mas Company case
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that Mucho Mas operating in the Jordanian market is a small retail company trading mainly on women accessories like handbags, and other merchandises including garments both fashionable and traditional and ladies footwear. The small retail company came into operation from the 2010 period and is found to host only a single store in the region. The retail company based in Jordan operates based on seven employees. These people act as sales persons and are mainly responsible for selling merchandises inside the store. However in terms of knowledge and business experience the people employed in the store are found to share a broad uniformity. They did not reflect any excess knowledge and again were found to lack motivation while rendering duty to the company. The above case reflects a low employee loyalty in the concern. The retail company, Mucho Mas operating in the region of Jordan is found to be managed by two managers Jihad Saleh and the nephew of Jihad Saleh, Mohammad. These two managers tend to share different leadership traits owing to cultural differences. Jihad Saleh though a Jordanian is found to stay in United States. However, Mohammad is a full term resident of Jordan. On account of the above fact Jihad often tends to reflect a westernized ideal while dealing with in the business which again tends to create a leadership conflict between the two. Difference in perspectives between the two managers further disturbs the business atmosphere of the firm. Research Question The paper proceeds on this account to draw a fundamental research in order to answer three main research questions which can be outlined as follows. These questions would tend to outline the reasons which do not tend to motivate the people to work in a better manner in the concern and also infers suitable remedies for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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