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Hot desking: an approach, developed and emerged as a new management technique in organizations - Literature review Example

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The study states different theories and ideas that relate to this new organizational management practice of hot desking. The research further explains the causes and circumstances in which the practice should most appropriately be implemented. …
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Hot desking: an approach, developed and emerged as a new management technique in organizations
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Extract of sample "Hot desking: an approach, developed and emerged as a new management technique in organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is hot desking as a new management technique in organizations in the late 1980’s. This new technique enabled organizations to realise cost savings as the highly mobile workers are not allocated separate desks to carry out the official work but are rather given a shared facility that can be used at differently scheduled time. This allowed greater flexibility and a higher utilization of the office space with a shared workstation to facilitate the cost cutting solutions. This was most applicable to the sales staff where the nature of work requires sales staff to spend a considerable amount of time out of the office premises. So during that time the workstations can be efficiently utilized by other sales staff members so that there is minimum waste and maximum utilization. In more literal terms, hot desks are “small, utilitarian desks with phones and data connections, with just enough room for employees to work with their computers and any paperwork”. This is a kind of satellite office technique whereby employees in an office space share the printers and photocopiers. Since the workstation is a shared device, ID tags are used to provide each “visitor” to the system with a unique access to the work station. The implication and magnitude of relevance for this management technique has increased in recent times again because of the increasing macro economic pressures and financial recession which has mounted the need for organizations to cut down on their overheads. (Carl 2011). Hence techniques like hot desking have emerged not only as cost cutting solutions but also to provide organizations with greater flexibility to respond to the changing economic conditions as the economic cycle becomes more volatile (Hayman 2009). Hence, hot desking provides a unique opportunity for management to downsize without actually cutting on the amount of work done in the office space (Tsai 2011). The move towards a paperless economy has initiated practices that involve wireless connections, mobile devices, hand held devices and laptops in order to minimize organizational waste and long chains of bureaucracy (Kenneth 2007). This has given rise to a greater utilization of office space and managing human resources. The upsurge of free lance workers has also increased the hot desking trend in the recent years whereby workers are able to operate from their homes thus categorising the hot desking employees into two broad categories. One is the concept of hot desking from home and second is the hot desking on the move. In both scenarios, hot desking has provided with advantages (Carl 2011) and disadvantages (Fleming 2011) for the employees as well as the organizations (Erik 2010). Technological Solutions to Cost Cutting Hot desking has resulted in a physical relocation of the employees thus fundamentally altering the organizational structure. This has been a direct consequence of the technological advancement that has changed the management and communication platforms for organizations (Markus 2006). Mobile devices, wireless networks and electronic interfaces have substituted the organization’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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