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Cost of Production - Larson & Larson Company - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that there are various costs incurred during the production of goods. Consequently there have emerged various methods for determining such costs which in themselves cause variations and lack of accuracy in one way or the other…
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Cost of Production - Larson & Larson Company
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Extract of sample "Cost of Production - Larson & Larson Company"

Download file to see previous pages ABC as a method or accounting model as developed in order to solve problems related to accounting that has actually evolved over time due to the change in technology as well operations within the industries (Warren, Reeve & Fess 2005). It is clear that overhead costs have been increasing in companies to the point that it may be extremely difficult to use the direct methods which only emphasized on resources as well as the absorbed costs of them out. This assumed at a great expense, the impact of operations and the many intermediaries involved which comprise of the majority of the overhead costs. ABC, therefore, is the only practical remedy to the inefficiencies of the traditional accounting methods. At the core of ABC there exist very important principles and arguments which contribute to differentiating it from other accounting methods. ABC holds that the cost objects will consume the activities contrary to the principle of other traditional accounting methods which argue that cost objects may only consume the resources (Naidu, Babu & Rajendra 2006). In normal operations, the costs actually will end utilizing the activities in the production line which actually depend on the resources. This aspect makes ABC more realistic and effective in determining the unit cost of production. Whereas other traditional methods base on volume allocation of the production resources, ABC considers the drivers at each level and their effect on production to determine the allocation. The drivers considered include activity drivers as well as the activity drivers which check every other production element and its cause-effect relationship to the output. Further difference and principle of ABC come from the fact that the traditional accounting is developed on the basis of structures while ABC actually depends on the process itself and therefore takes care of the variables that may occur in the process. ABC begins from the process as it moves upwards to assess the number of resources utilized and that might be required. Critically, ABC analyses the activities with the understanding that it is not easy or possible to manage costs but the activities causing the costs are manageable so that in the end, it is the activities that the organization takes or that is taken in the production process which will determine the costs (Pryor 1998). The analysis of the activities enables the production unit or the management to identify surplus activities in the process eliminates and eventually, they will be able to manage or actually reduce the costs. This will result in efficiency and effectiveness in production at the right costs. When comparing volume versus the drivers in production, where ABC as a method considers the drivers to the activities as opposed to the volume of output, in determining the production costs the method achieves the best possible or accurate costs of production. In this case, costs are not only assigned to direct labor but according to what causes the costs and their overall effect on the output (Young 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Cost of Production - Larson & Larson Company" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this sample opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own text.

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