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The changing role of the human resource - Research Paper Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Human Resource The changing role of the human resource has come about with the advent of time. It has happened because the human resource domains have been largely getting changed for a number of different reasons…
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The changing role of the human resource
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Download file to see previous pages The manner in which the human resource premise is bolstered time and again is something that brings the entire focus on the subject in entirety. The globalization trends are important to decipher here because human resource makes use of these aspects to make sure that the best possible recruitments are made and that these employees are fitted towards the different realms of an organization. The human resource premise is therefore significant from the globalization drives because these take into consideration the issues which bring the diversity regimes within the equation (Bates, 2004). The varied individuals join the organization through these human resource domains alone and then become an able part of the organization in essence. The human resource angle is always given the cover to derive the best possible value out of the related equations because it is something that means a great deal on to the shoulders of the senior management within the changing dynamics of the organizations in this day and age. Within the technological premise it is important to ascertain the true value of human resource through an understanding that its effects are all the more positive than anything else. It would make things easy and turn the tide its way whenever there is a problem that needs to be tackled. The human resource realms must remain complete with the technological manifestations which at any point in time must be complete and comprehensive from all angles (Boddy, 2005). This is important because it has to solve a number of issues which emanate from the technological aftereffects and the incorporation of the very same. Hence the need to remain one step ahead with the proper frameworks of technology is indeed a significant undertaking that brings a lot of success for one and all within the realms of an organization. Diversity plays a quintessential role at describing how well the human resource terms are being managed. The human resource is dependent on the people getting recruited through it within the realms of an organization and it is all the more necessary to make sure that diversity forms an important part of the human resource discussions (Cross, 2000). Diversity is being given preference by companies more and more because they have realized the positives associated with diversity and how it can inculcate a sense of optimism within the organization in this day and age. This is the reason why it is being propagated more and more with the advent of time. When diverse individuals are employed, it adds to the social acceptance premise within an organization and gives it the mileage that it requires. E-business is also a necessity when one concerns the related domains with those of human resource. This is the reason why many discussions result in success with such nuances. The human resource realms receive attention because e-business has been good and adequately planned (Brotherton, 2000). This is one of the most significant undertakings that have made the rounds of the human resource circles over the years and it will continue to be the case in the coming times as well (Amit, 2001). It shall pave the way for eventual success in the coming days and times and even years to follow. Ethical considerations make up a great amount of the human res ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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