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This was essential to attract the interest of the audience and to convey the message of mutation in an organized manner. For instance, it involved using visual elements…
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Final two pages
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Video on Mutation The process of translating the article into film involved the application of visual techniques and elements. This was essential to attract the interest of the audience and to convey the message of mutation in an organized manner. For instance, it involved using visual elements to illustrate how individuals fabricate things through mutation. The elements comprised of motion, lighting and composition. The motion produced the desired photographic conditions that make the film interesting and catchy. Lighting was vital to create mood and effects concerning the plot and changes of periods. Composition entailed the application of the visual elements to produce a frame that is consistent with the entire continuity.
The story is about a student who attends a school in which he has to sit for the entry examinations. He failed the first exam, which forced him to create a pill that shall assist in mutation and the development of a photographic memory. This would allow the student to memorize the contents of the entire book in order to correctly answer the examination questions. As a result, the student manages to attain an A grade in the examination, leading to his admission in the school. The film further expounds on the concept and applications of mutation in academics and other fields. This exposes the negative aspects of mutations in the real world that people use in their fields.
The materials and methods I used to create the visuals and narrative involved lighting, characters, tables, pictures and figures. It was appropriate to use the images in order to make the audience become interactive with the topic. The sub-titles were used to guide the audience and emphasized on the illustration of plot development. It is apparent that the materials enable the audience to relate to the topic for easy understanding of the different terms. For instance, the pictures had to be accurate for the message to be easily conveyed without causing confusions. The mutation topic requires the real usage of concepts since it is a biological process that people experience.
The message of the film is that mutation is the solution of evolution. This implies that if it can be controlled, then a better human race can be developed. Mutation has enabled the production of things that people use for various purposes and this needs control. This message of the film is significant in order to educate people on how mutation contributes to evolution.
The process and viewing of the film informed my understanding of cell biology since it deepened my interest in the small changes that occur on a cellular level. It also enabled me to understand how the cellular changes that occur in cell biology has a considerable impact on the overall result. This is because of the way the mutated pill enabled the student to attain an A grade in examination within a short reading time. The film was also educative and interactive because the audience followed the happenings without distractions. Considering this, the viewing of the film exposed the ways in which cell biology is essential for human understanding. Read More
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Final Two Pages Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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