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Journal Article about biology - Assignment Example

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Biology and Biodiversity get affected by climatic change all over the world. The massive climate change people are experiencing is due to the continuing global warming. The unchecked global warming may destroy…
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Journal Article about biology
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Extract of sample "Journal Article about biology"

Climate change and biology There is an interconnection between climate change and biodiversity. Biology and Biodiversity get affected by climatic change all over the world. The massive climate change people are experiencing is due to the continuing global warming. The unchecked global warming may destroy if not affect terrestrial ecosystems (UNEP 1). There are species that are forced to migrate from their habitats and look for colder places as the temperatures are rising in their habitats. Animals that live in the North Pole and the Arctic are having a hard time adapting to the climatic changes and are thus moving to colder places for comfort. Seals are moving from their habitats and migrating to other regions for comfort. Experts conclude that there would be the significant extinction of animal and plant species by the year 2100. Temperatures are rising by 3°C, it leads to melting of the ice caps which in turn results in the rise of the sea levels. Polar bears and emperor penguins are facing an extinction if the Arctic and Antarctic continue having a temperature rise (UNEP 3).
The waters of the Arctic take longer to form ice again after it melts. The waters of the bays in the arctic take three weeks longer to be stable again than it was thirty years ago. The action affects the polar bears that prefer to hunt for their prey under the Ice Sea. The rising temperatures are having a noticeable impact on birds and butterflies. The butterflies and birds are moving and shifting their ranges by more than 200km northwards. Plants lag behind in their growth because of the rise in temperatures (UNEP 5). Plants and animals are suffering due to climatic changes, and others are risking extinction due to the climatic changes. There is no positive outcome of climatic changes to biology.
UNEP. “Climate Change and Biodiversity”. Convention on Biological Diversity. 2015. Online Read More
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