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This is because salt was added therefore its density increased. In connection to this, the mass of the water increased therefore its density increased. On the other hand the warm water density is light therefore it went up.
In the…
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Trial Guess Observation Explanation First: Hot water is on green jar and it is on top of the white jar which contains cold water. My guess is that the when the card is removed the two water source will not mix
The two source did not mix
The cold water is on the bottom while the hot water is at the top.
This is because cold water is denser than hot water. Therefore, the hot water will stay at the top while the cold one stays on the bottom.
Second: Hot water is on green jar and it is at the bottom while the white jar which contains cold water is at the bottom.
I had guessed that the two water will mix and therefore form a purple solution when the card is removed.
The blue water went up while the red water come down
The reason why the warm water has gone up while the cold water (white) goes down is because of the
difference between hot and cold water in terms of density. Cold water (white) is denser as a result it displaces the red water which hotter.
Third: Salty water is on top of the warm water.
The salty water goes down while the hot water goes up when the card is removed
The warm water went up while the cold water come down.
Salty water is denser than the warm water. This is because salt was added therefore its density increased. In connection to this, the mass of the water increased therefore its density increased. On the other hand the warm water density is light therefore it went up.
Practical 1.09: Properties of Water Lab—Activity
Analysis questions: 1.9 For the Water Lab
Majority of the water at the poles are cold therefore they are dense as compared to water at a normal room temperature. In connection to this, they sink down while the warm water floats on top.
At the equator the temperature is relatively warm, in connection to this most of the water floats.
In the marine environment, the fresh water will mix with the salty water. However, because as the surface water on the marine evaporates it leaves behind some salt. Therefore, the fresh water will mix with the salt and hence go down because it has now became denser.
The bottom living organism has to withstand brackish water because there are so many tidal waves due to displacement of salty water at the bottom of the ocean with the fresh water.
Thermohaline current is caused by fresh water and warm salty water.
02.05 Crabby Crustaceans—Activity: Shrimp
I. My shrimp color is colorless to greyish
II. The shrimp would coumflouge in algae
III. It has 2 antennae, five pairs of walking legs that are jointed, five pairs of swimming legs, three pairs of maxillae, and it also has 15 appendages.
IV. It uses paleo pads for swimming
V. The maxillae is used for feeding
VI. It uses antennae and antennules to map its environments
Analysis question
Similarities between shrimp, lobster and crab
All of them have their body parts segmented into two (cephalothorax and abdomen).
They all have two pairs of antennae.
They all have five pairs of legs on their cephalothorax.
Differences between shrimp, lobster and crab
Shrimp is smaller in size compared to a lobster and crab.
Crabs are oval while shrimp and lobster body shapes seems to be rectangular.
Lobsters have a fanned shaped tail.
Specific characteristics exhibited by a shrimp that allows it to live successfully in its habitat.
It has a long slim body that allows it to hide in rocks, has a hard outer shell that protects it. In addition, it also has clamping feet that allows it hang on rocks and weeds. Also, it’s a body that is transparent therefore it is not easy to see in the water. Its whiskers enable it to detect food and finally its eyes are inside hence protected. Read More
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