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O2 transfere in human buddy - Research Paper Example

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Despite life sustenance, oxygen helps in terminating destructive bacteria that human body does not need and leaves the important…
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O2 transfere in human buddy
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Download file to see previous pages Chemical engineering treats circularly system as a chemical process that involves the heart as a pump while the blood vessels act as passageways for oxygen. Generally, chemical engineering uses mathematical equation to show a complete oxygen transportation process in the body. Moreover, chemical engineering involves two basic terms including convection and diffusion that helps in calculating oxygen transport in the human body. Convection is more common in the large blood vessels like arteries while diffusion is more likely to occur in the small blood vessels such as capillaries and veins.
The two main mathematical equations involved in determining oxygen transport are the overall flux that describes oxygen flow via pipes and Fick’s law that explains diffusion of fluid along a concentration gradient.
Oxygen moves in the human body in the breathing process through nose and mouth then goes via the lungs and dissolves in the water lining of alveoli. Oxygen then sticks to red blood cells while passing through the alveoli capillaries.
Circulatory system plays a significant role in transporting various materials in the human body. Circulatory system ensures that nutrients, water and oxygen are transported to the body cells while transporting waste products produced by body cells such as carbon dioxide away from the body. The circulatory system acts as a highway with network throughout the human body and it involves the heart, and the blood vessel. The heart is responsible in pumping blood and maintaining blood flow in the whole of the body system while the blood vessels transport blood away from the heart to other parts of the blood. The whole of the circulatory system transports oxygen from outside the body into the blood stream and carries away waste from the blood cell, carbon dioxide to the outer part of the body.
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