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There are several ideologies that have been suggested in order to decipher this encoded mystery. Historically, creationism has always been the belief among individuals and each…
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Creation and evolution
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[Teacher’s Creation and Evolution Human existence has always been marked with debate over the origins of mankind and itssurroundings. There are several ideologies that have been suggested in order to decipher this encoded mystery. Historically, creationism has always been the belief among individuals and each group of people has always associated themselves with some religious affiliation. However, as society modernized and scientific research advanced the ideology of evolution was introduced to humanity through science. The ideologies of evolution and creationism can be distinguished by their distinct morals; however, the two often share numerous similarities. This paper will compare and contrast the two ideologies illustrating their similarities and differences. In addition, the paper will base its creationism comparison on Christianity.
Creationism refers to the belief and the ideology that humanity exists and there is a deity which varies among the difference in beliefs (Comet, 117). Followers of this ideology believe that there is a creator who is responsible for the creation of the world and all inhabitants and components such as animals, natural resources and humans. This ideology is solely on the basis of the particular religion one believes in and is considered as a concept of faith. According to the book of Genesis in the Bible, the world was created by God in a timeframe of 7days (Comet, 117). One difference that exists between the two concepts is that in creationism everything has a purpose. It was all created uniquely and ideally by a super natural being to fulfill this purpose (Crothers, 234-235). In addition, this belief also states that God created everything according to its kind, for example, rats only make rats, sharks only make sharks and humans only make humans (Comet, 117).
In contrast to creationism which is believes in a fixed status and existence of a supernatural being, evolution theories are based on the spontaneity and metamorphosis of humans and other components of nature in order to be better adjusted to the changing environment (Crothers, 234-235). This has often been termed survival of the fittest, whereby the species better suited for certain environmental conditions survive, whilst those that do not die and are unable to pass their genotypes and phenotypes to the next generation. (Scott, 55-64). In essence, the theory of evolution is not based on faith and religion like creationism, but rather on development. Using the example mentioned above, could result in rats evolving into sharks (Comet, 117).
The evolution theory also largely varies from creationism in the sense that it states that the earth and its inhabitants were created in a progressive manner that started billions of years ago. However, creationism is of the viewpoint that the earth was created in period of seven days. In addition, evolution states that the human beings are an evolutionary product from apes, whilst creationism believes that humans were made with their own identity. This concept various with religion and some institutions believe humans were made in the image of God.
As mentioned above, there are some similarities in the two ideologies. For example, they each can be interpreted in different ways hence the existence of Australian creationism, Scandinavian creationism and Japanese creationism (Scott, 55-64). On the other hand there are also different ideologies of evolution such as The Big Bang Theory or Atheism (Scott, 55-64). In summation it can be concluded that despite all the differences both theories share a similarity in the sense that they cannot be totally prove.
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Creation and Evolution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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