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Madagascar Rainforest of Atsinanana - Research Paper Example

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Madagascar was earlier covered almost entirely on its eastern side by rainforests. The remnants of those rainforests are now represented by six national parks…
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Madagascar Rainforest of Atsinanana
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Download file to see previous pages The Madagascar Rainforest of Atsinanana is “critically important for maintaining the ecological processes which have resulted in Madagascar’s unique biodiversity” (African Natural Heritage, 2009). There is a high degree of endemism, that is 97% of the species of animals existing in these moist forests are found only in Madagascar, including 25 species of lemur. The national parks protect two-thirds of the island’s mammals. According to Ferguson (p.135), “80% of the fauna and 90% of the flora on the island are found nowhere else on earth”. Thus Madagascar’s label as a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ indicates its importance for conservation.
  Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate Madagascar’s Rainforest of Atsinanana, assess its ecological value, identify the ecological uniqueness of the plant and animal life, examine the rainforest’s biodiversity, the human intrusions threatening the area, identify the existing safeguards and further conservation and preservation efforts, determine how individuals can help preserve the diversity of the area, and the losses that would be incurred if intrusion were to go unchecked.
Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. The Rainforests of the Atsinanana are mainly related to the steeper terrain along the eastern escarpment and mountains of Madagascar. The relict Rainforests constitute a protected serial property composed of the six national parks distributed along the eastern side of the island. This property is composed of a representative selection of the most important habitats of the unique rainforest biota of Madagascar. These include several of the endangered and endemic plant and animal species (UNESCO, 2011). The region also has a distinctive cultural history and beautiful beaches (Ward, 2010).
The relict rainforests are significant ecologically, maintaining biological process which are vital for the survival of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity. The country’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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