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Role of poultry in the global supply of meat - Literature review Example

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Role of Poultry in the Global Supply of Meat [Name of Author] [Name of Instructor] [Course] [Date] Abstract This paper aims to discuss the role of poultry in the global market. Various breeding techniques of breeding will be explored and the paper will look to discuss the demand of poultry products in different places of the world…
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Role of poultry in the global supply of meat
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Extract of sample "Role of poultry in the global supply of meat"

Download file to see previous pages There will be techniques discussed to prevent the animals from catching diseases and consumers to consume diseased meat. Lastly, the paper will also look at the advantages of consuming some poultry products like chicken. Role of Poultry in the Global Supply of Meat Breeding of Poultry Capper (2011) elucidates the different types of breeding techniques and names four of the most common types. In-breeding, line-breeding, out-crossing and out-breeding are the most common ones. In-breeding refers to the type of technique where animals that are close relatives are bred together. Line-breeding refers to breeding of animals that are not from the immediate family but could be distant relatives. The family line is the same but relationship is rather distant. Out-crossing is the crossing of animals especially dogs that is related to line breeding but the lines are completely distinct from one another. Out-breeding on the other hand is the breeding of animals that are from different lines. The animals are not the product of line-breeding. Capper (2011) is of the opinion that the demand for poultry products has increased in the past few years and resources like land and water to meet the demands have decreased. The production of livestock has to increase if the global demands are to be met and animal breeding must support it. Capper (2011) proposes that breeding goals have to be implemented on a more frequent basis. As breeding goals helps to improve characteristic of different species, it will help scientists with disease resistance and development or growth in animals. Delgado (2009) elucidates that growth is one of the most important features of breeding goals resulting to improve animal breeding. An animal that grows faster will be able to produce a larger amount in less time. One such example is the salmon fish in livestock marine. After 7 generations of endeavor, salmons can now be slaughtered at half the time it was done 7 generations before. It also now gives 25% more protein. Delgado (2009) believes that the major cost incurred in poultry arises from feeding the animals. The total cost in proportion to other cost of production is around 75%. Delgado (2009) believes that the cost will raise even further more in the future as more animal breeding takes place. Because of environment factors the prices of are also expected to rise. Production and reproduction will become more important than ever. Thus productivity traits will become a major part of the breeding goals not only for food purposes but also for the environment. Yoav & Soller (2013) believe an animal welfare is very important in achieving breeding goals. There should be proper breeding centers build in different localities for the purpose of breeding them. They could be far away from the cities but should have two major things. Firstly it should have all the necessary resources like food, medication and other health benefits to make sure that the animal receives proper treatment and secondly the environment where they are made to breed must be clean, pollution free and fit for the animals in every other sense. Yoav & Soller (2013) believe that animal welfare is not only advantageous for the animals but it also has great many advantages for man. An animal that grows in a healthy environment receiving medication will unlikely be a threat to human life after when being consumed. Scientist in recent years has blamed the local farmers for the lack of responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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