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Environmental Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line - Assignment Example

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The author identifies what is the triple bottom line and with what important concept it is associated. The author also lists the three stages of human cultural evolution and describes the general environmental impact that has occurred in each, and Total Fertility Rate (TFR).  …
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Environmental Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line
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Extract of sample "Environmental Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line"

Download file to see previous pages I think we are really exceeding our natural resources, which is also harming environmental sustainability. The population of earth has grown largely while affecting the balance between human consumption and natural resources. At present, there is no proper mechanism to sustain the growth rate of the human population. Although the world’s population has always been increasing during the last 35 years or so, a major increase has occurred in the world’s population giving rise to many problems, such as inadequate water supplies, increased deforestation, increased urbanization, dying rivers and lakes, and depletion of natural resources. The world is facing a global ecological crisis presently because humans are living in a way that is diminishing the capacity of the earth to sustain life. The ecological imbalance is occurring because the carrying capacity of the earth is becoming unable to support life. If we compare the ecological footprints of developed and poor countries, we come to know that developed countries usually have a higher footprint as compared to the ecological footprint of poor countries. For example, the ecological footprint of the United States is 12.22, whereas, for Pakistan, which is an underdeveloped country, the figure is 1.09 which is very low (Global Environment Stats n.p.). These figures show that there is a huge difference between the sustainability level of highly developed and underdeveloped countries. Section 2 Question 4: What is the triple bottom line? With what important concept is it associated? Be sure to describe each of the three parts. Answer 4: Bottom line is actually a measure of sustainability that includes the calculations of social, economic, and environmental conditions of any particular area. Organizations and not-for-profit organizations also usually use triple bottom line sustainability framework to measure their performances and to do required improvements based on the analysis (Slaper and Hall).     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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