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Microbiological effects from baby bottle misuse - Research Paper Example

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Microbiological Effects from Baby Bottle Misuse Institution Microbiological Effects from Baby Bottle Misuse In comparison with breastfeeding babies, bottle feeding babies are more predisposed to communicable diseases in their initial years of life…
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Microbiological effects from baby bottle misuse
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Extract of sample "Microbiological effects from baby bottle misuse"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the inherent immune elements in milk offer defense against infectivity. There are oligosaccharides present in the milk that avert accessory of normal respiratory micro-organisms like Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae (Gurtler, Kornacki & Beuchat, 2005). Misuse of bottle feeding is risky in the sense that the bottle formulae lack the Glycosaminoglycans which is normally present in the natural breast milk that averts attachment pathogens hence minimizing the risk of transmission. It must be noted that human milk administered through the normal breastfeeding adds up to inherent immunity. Long formula fed babies have the risk of contaminating and being infected with Giardia lamblia, H influenzae and the B streptococci, S epidermis and other micro-organisms such as the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (Gurtler, Kornacki & Beuchat, 2005). Misuse of baby bottle can also lead to infection of the lower respiratory tract. According to analysis of 7 group research of healthy term babies in affluent locations, it was established that babies who were bottle-fed experienced a 3.6-fold higher risk of being hospitalized for infection of the lower respiratory tract in the initial year of their existence in comparison with babies who were wholly breastfed for a period of over 4 months. These research comprised modification for socioeconomic condition and parental smoking. Many of the infants hospitalized from respiratory infections arise from the respiratory syncytial virus. The human milk contains lipids which tend to have an antigen against RSV. Moreover, multifaceted researches also claim that bottle fed infants or formulated infants have a higher risk of contracting gastrointestinal pathogens and diarrhea. Similarly, 14 group studies meta-analysis established that infants who were bottle fed or formula fed were 2.8 times more probably to get infected with gastrointestinal pathogens compared to those who were totally breastfed (UNCF, 2003). Findings from PROBIT (promotion of breastfeeding intervention trial) reveal that infants who were used in the control experiment were 1.7 times more probably to get infected with gastrointestinal infection compared to those used in the intercession group. In this research 31 maternity hospitals were randomized to the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) and a set of proof-found activities accommodating of breastfeeding, against the normal care. The entire 17,046 babies in the PROBIT research were breastfed, entirely at 3 months. It was found that 6.4% of the control studies were totally breastfed in comparison with the 43.3% of the intercession babies (UNCF, 2003). According to various epidemiologic researches it is suggested that infants and children who are exclusively bottle-fed on formula products are more probably to develop a condition of obese or develop type II diabetes. Furthermore, a meta-analysis study reveals that formula feeding among the infants is also related to the 1.6 fold risk of the type 2 diabetes in comparison to the exclusively breast-fed children. Other studies have also claimed that a higher risk of diseases related to cardiac vacuoles inclusive of the high pressure of the blood and reduced favorable lipid profile also looms for children who are formula-fed even though the literature varies (Drudy, et al., 2006). Scholars have suggested that numerous interventions to describe these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Microbiological Effects from Baby Bottle Misuse Research Paper.
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