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Cloning Entire Organisms - Research Paper Example

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Cloning Entire Organism Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact. Cloning Entire Organism As defined by Kass and Wilson (Kass & Wilson, 1998), a term “clone” refers to a duplicate or identical twin; genetic cloning refers to making duplicates of set of genes or a single gene…
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Cloning Entire Organisms
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"Cloning Entire Organisms"

Download file to see previous pages Now the entire organisms are cloned. Cloning of entire organisms can be dated back to 1997 when the first mammal was cloned; a sheep named Dolly. After this the research work in the field saw a rapid progress, and soon clones of rabbits, cows, mice, goat etc. were made (Cloning Fact Sheet, 2009). Cloning which has now long been a buzz word among not only the science, biology, medicine or genetics learned people but has also been arousing strong interest and attention among the so called “laymen” or non-science background group of the society. To start with, when cloning, its potential application and benefits for the human race were elaborated, the technique earned many accolades and the scientists responsible for this great research gained loads of appreciation. This all started years back in 1952, when the first clone of a tadpole was created.  Further studies about the genes, genetic make-up, gene cloning and molecular biology have won many awards for the responsible scientists and associated companies and universities. Considering the prospective gains cloning might have for the human race, many governments have also been encouraging research work in related fields by providing grants for many biotech companies, institutes and universities. ...
any problems including organ transplanting, low yielding crops, need of highly productive animals, huge requirement of lab animals, infertility among couples, disease like cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. On the other hand, the same cloning technique is being considered unethical and unsafe for the progress of human race. Both these aspects are discussed with relevant instances below. The Pros Cloning is a broad term extending from single gene cloning to cell culture, recombinant DNA technology and organism cloning. As far as cloning is considered, the method presents itself as a boon or a gift for the human population. The technology has been and can be used in various ways to help people find possible solutions for their problems, some of which will be elaborated in the following paragraphs. Cloning of entire organisms includes making genetic replicas or identical twins of another organism of the same class/race, like bacteria, some fungi, plants, mammals, lab animals or even humans. A donor or a giver is selected whose replica or twin is to be made. All the techniques which have been defined and developed in this field till date somehow focus on provision of some or the other benefit for the human kind. If one form of cloning can be used to create extra stock of proteins useful for diabetic patients, the other has been used to create high yielding varieties of rice. The entire genome replication/cloning is another advanced form of gene cloning. Here, not a single part or segment of the genome but the entire genome of an organism, be it goat, sheep, some kind of bacteria or a human, is used to make clones. As a result, we get identical twins of the donor. By identical we mean that the clone will have exactly the same genetic make-up as the donor. At first the technique was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tie the Novel Frankenstein by Mery Shelly (1831) to the topic of cloning
As it has been developed and explored, numerous conceptions have emerged regarding the relative benefits or limitations of a broad movement toward a 'created' future. In recent years, the ability to create humans has moved from the graveyards of the Victorian era to the petry dishes of modern laboratories, but the concept and the drive to build a stronger, better man continues in the form of cloning.
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The scientific term, “Cloning” is the replication of an organism such that its genetic makeup is the same and as a result,it appears as a carbon copy of its original counterpart. Clones have the same physiology, external appearance and the same genetic coding within their cells.
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Human cloning
On the other hand reproductive cloning generates human clones, this is prohibited in many nations. Research is going on for replacement cloning which is an amalgamation of therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Replacement cloning would necessitate the substitution of widely injured, abortive, or deteriorating body/ organs by means of cloning, ensuing whole or partial organ/ tissue transplantation.
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Cloning is a scientific research which has been central to many debates and arguments. Cloning is a process through which identical organisms are created. This is achieved through asexual reproduction in which only one parent is involved and no fusion of gametes occurs.
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Though the issue of cloning human beings has received criticisms from different sectors of society, it can be observed that some people advocate for this process as a result of different reasons. For instance, parents
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Cloning has also been performed on a scale as large as an individual organism an example of which was the sheep Dolly. There is a single parent in cloning unlike the reproduction which happens with the mating of two parents; a male and a female. Some plants have been demonstrating the process of cloning for thousands of years, but their contribution in the ethical debates about the legitimacy of cloning of animals or humans is nil.
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Those who oppose human cloning argue that this unnatural style of reproduction has an overwhelming potential for decisions being made based on reasons of vanity in regard to children. Their
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This procedure results in creating the embryonic growth of a new organism which contains the original organism’s entire genetic code. Hundreds of cloned mammals have resulted by means of this process. “The term clone is used in many
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Cloning: Is it Ethical
Those who support cloning are very passionate about what they believe is a major break- through in reproducing like-cells. Antagonists, on the other hand, are skeptical about the whole idea of “human beings playing God” (Blankley 18). The example of Dolly the sheep being
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Human Cloning

The author states that cloning is discouraged by various nations as cloning is against the rule of nature, which is generating humans, nurturing them and paving the way for uncertainties related with the repercussions of science. At present human population has crossed the figure of 7 billion, a huge burden on the planet.

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