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Fruits Biology - Essay Example

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Topic - Fruits 1- Why are some fruits sweet and some sour, whereas others have no specific taste? Every fruit has a different, taste, texture and colour.The appeal and taste of fruits are depended on the chemical composition of the fruit. There are fruits which are sweet, sour and those with no specific taste…
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Fruits Biology Essay
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"Fruits Biology"

Download file to see previous pages Every fruit has a different proportion of these elements and accordingly its taste varies. The fruits which have more fructose and less of acidic content will generally taste sweeter. Some very sweet fruits are banana and mangoes. On the other hand fruits like orange and grapes have higher content of acids. Orange has citric acid and fructose in equal quantity and as a reason it is sour. Some fruits like melon have no specific taste because they have an equal composition of starch and acids. So the major chemical compounds which determine the taste of a fruit are fructose and acid. 2- How does the ripening of fruit affect the process of seed dispersal? The process of fruit ripening has an important role to play in the seed dispersal phenomena of fruits. Fruits are dispersed by various agents like wind, animals and humans. When the fruits are dispersed by animals they undergo ripening procedure which gives attractive characteristics to fruit which attracts the consumers. The enzymes which give the ripening effect to the fruit allot bright color and scent to the fruits in order to enhance their appeal and attraction .This makes the fruit more noticeable and visible to the consumers. When consumers are attracted to the fruits they are eaten by them, and the seeds are carried away to long distance when they get discarded. This allows the seeds to travel long distances away from their parent tree. They then get germinated in various location of the land and flourish. In the case of fruits which are dispersed by wind, they undergo dehydration in later stage which causes the seeds to be dry and light .This makes the seeds light and allows the scattering of them to various planes of land. Wind is a very strong dispersal agent and can carry the seeds to extremely far away places. Some fruits whose seeds are dispersed by wind change its structure during the ripening procedure which gives it a light structure due to the consequent drying up or dehydration. Thus different agents like wind, animals and humans allow the seed dispersal of fruits after they ripening procedure. 3- How do humans interfere in this process by consuming grains and fruits? Human consume fruits and grains as the part of their diet and interfere significantly in the process of seed dispersal. When human consume the fruits beforehand the ripening, then the dispersal process in interrupted. Mostly human discard the seeds in the sewage or landfills whereby there is less chance for the seeds to germinate. When the fruits are consumed prior to ripening, then the formation of seeds is hindered .This makes the seed formation incomplete and also the conversion of acids in to starch which is necessary in the dominant stage of a seed. In the same manner some fruits and grains are meant to be dispersed by the assistance of wind or self dispersal. In such cases when human consume them, their entire hormonal activity is disrupted. This cause the ripening of the fruit incomplete and as a result seed dispersal does not occur. Humans by consuming fruits and not discarding it on earth hampers the seed dispersal process of fruits. 4- Does the seed use the fructose or starch in fruits for its metabolism? During the germination of seeds, it requires essential nutrient and material which can make the process of germination complete. During this process, the stored starch is used for germination which was not converted in to fructrose.This stored ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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