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Evolution Evolution can be defined as the modification of living organisms through time as they descend from their ancestors, generation after generation. The ancestors of various species look different in their structure, behavior and physiology back in time…
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Download file to see previous pages Natural selection refers to a process in which species compete and struggle for their survival according to the limited resources and conditions of their natural environment with different adaptive abilities. As individuals in a population are not the same due to difference in inherited characteristics, nature only selects those individuals that are best suited to the environmental conditions, and thus rest of the population dies over time (Starr et al., 2012, p. 263, 264, 265). As all the offspring in a population acquire characteristics from their ancestors, produced more than nature can support and have different reproductive characteristics, only those organisms will survive that are better adapted to the living conditions. This means that organisms with higher reproduction ability will survive due to higher probability of their descendants to survive, and others will eventually become extinct due to less survival rate of their offspring with the passage of time. Since environmental conditions are different from place to place, there will be variation in characteristics of species at different locations. Darwin concluded that populations extending over large areas or through migration might have been isolated resulting in variation of their characteristics according to varying environments. Over long periods of time, they may have diverged or evolved into different species. For instance, Darwin found that finches on the Galapagos Islands were more similar to each other than to finches of the mainland. He also noticed that some varieties were only existent on the archipelago islands. So, he proposed that all species might have descended from a common ancestor and increase in number of species occurred through evolutionary natural selection over time rather than special creation (Strickberger, 2005, p. 22, 23). Darwin and other naturalists believed that variations among individuals of a species were due to mixing of traits from both the male and female. He was not aware of the heredity mechanism and different traits were regarded to be the result of blending of characteristics through generations over time. However, the concept of blending inheritance failed to describe the survival of variety as they descended through generations with time. It also failed to describe the maintenance of specific characteristics in varieties and how new species would emerge through blending. It was 1866, when Gregor Mendel published his experimental findings on garden peas. To experiment with pure seeds, he selected a self pollinating plant. He experimented with garden peas that were different from each other in many characteristics such as their flowers were either red or white, had green or yellow seeds, and tall or dwarf. After cross-breeding generations having different characteristics, he observed that descendants from each cross possessed characteristics of only one of the parents and blending did not happen. Mendel concluded that instead of blending of certain fluids, heredity from parents was passed on to offspring through independent discrete units, particles or factoren, which were later termed as genes. The characteristic that appeared in a descendant after cross breeding was termed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?EVOLUTION Even in this period of great technological advancements and overwhelming scientific discoveries, there is still an ongoing debate of how we, as human beings, came about the way we are now. There are numerous theories on the issue and at the forefront is the theory of Evolution. It is this paper’s position that the human race came about as they are now through the process of evolution. The author believes that living organisms today evolved through the process of natural selection and this has been the key to the survival of living things on earth. There is an overwhelming body of evidence which supports the theory that life on this planet started from a single living...
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...? Principles of Evolution Principles of Evolution Science and technology has developed a lot so that many of the questions which were unanswered in the past, got answers today. Biological science also undergone tremendous growth in the past and now the theories of evolution became more and more understandable to the ordinary people. Advances in genetics helped the biologists a lot in explaining the basis of variation and inheritance. Theory of evolution or the theory of natural selection influences all the aspects of modern biology. This paper briefly analyses the principles of evolution with the help of some specific traits among living things. The...
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...Evolution British novelist Arthur Koestler once quipped that the human brain is, " the only example of evolution providing a species with an organ which it does not know how to use". Indeed, the human brain, and its capacity for imagination and abstract thought, has made the topic of evolution one of the most debated and controversial issues of our time. Lines are often drawn along religious beliefs that reject the theory of evolution, while other camps argue that the theory is fact. Evolution is often misunderstood and has challenged scientists to provide proof for the belief that all life transforms, progresses, and adapts to its environment. The...
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...Creationism v. Evolution Does evolution conflict the beliefs of modern Christians 29 s Introduction The Bible v. Evolution debate, more commonly known as the creationism v. evolution debate as opposed to what most people believe has been in existence even before the theory of evolution and Charles Darwin, but unlike prior centuries wherein people used to fight over who did it, after Darwin it’s about ‘What happened?’. Evolution has been criticized since the magnitude of anti-evolution moments of the 19th century by Christians and many other religious entities alike. This essay sheds light on ‘how does...
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...Running Head: Evolution Evolution [Institute’s Evolution Since centuries, evolution has remained a significant issue in the human societies that continued to question people with the inquiries such as how humans get into this world, how humans came into existence, etc until today. In the result, a huge number of researchers, scholars, philosophers, etc have endeavored for many years to propose their explanations regarding such curiosity of humans. In specific, different theories exist in the case of evolution; however, theistic evolution is one of the theories that have been able to influence people. It indicates that the universe exists since more than ten billion years, whereas the crust is only four billion years old. Moreover... , such...
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...Evolution Evolution Charles Darwin who believed that species undergo changes from generation to the next pioneered the theory of evolution. He called these minima changes microevolution and argued that the small changes accumulated over a long period resulting in macroevolution. Macro evolution is the term used to refer to the process where inherited traits in a species change from generation to generation resulting in variations, which accumulate over a long period of time causing new species to emerge. According to scientists, macroevolution entails variation, reproduction, and selection processes, which act together to cause the changes in traits. Although Scientists...
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...Evolution The past and contemporary paradigms of biology are uniquely held by the theory of evolution. Evidently, the evolution is credited with uniting biological fields such as paleontology, genetics and microbiology. Moreover, evolution offers an elaborate explanation on the existence of the Earth’s ubiquitous diversity and the origins of the over five million species of plant and animal life. To this end, evolution is distinctively explained by several theories. Evidently, the pre Darwinian theorists such as James Usher advanced the creationism version of evolution (Ruse & Travis, 2009). The creation theory of evolution theorized that the infinite life forms in the Earth were created by God. Moreover, the creation theory... evolutionist...
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...flow results in reduction of differences among populations. 9. Natural selection uses the environment as the basis for choosing traits over others as opposed to artificial selection where obvious traits are favored. 10. Hard body parts are more likely to appear in fossil records because they do not decay easily as opposed to soft tissues that decompose. 11. Two ways of determining the age of fossils are through relative dating and absolute dating. 12. Biogeography is concerned with the geographical location of species all over the planet. Related species or species that share common ancestry can be found in different regions with similar climatic conditions. 13. Analogous structures occur due to convergent evolution...
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...Running Head: EVOLUTION Evolution of the of the Executive Summary The evolutionary theory was published by Charles Darwin. Evolution is the binding force of all biological research. Since its inspection, evolutionary theory has been popular among ordinary audience and scientists. Since improved function is provided by an adaptation therefore, it is a common feature in a population. Adaptations are produced by natural selection and are well-fitted to their function. Many forms can be taken by adaptation, for example, an anatomical feature that allows the organism to access a new and valuable resource, a protein that functions better at body temperature and a behaviour that allows better...
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...Why Evolution Is True Why Evolution Is True There are many theories that which have been put forward to explain the origins of life. However, the theory that has received a lot of attention is the evolution theory. While some people dispute it, others seem to agree with the theory. Coyne in his book Why Evolution is true attempts to convince people into believing in evolution (Coyne, 2009). This paper provides a critical reflection on every chapter of the book in an attempt to get deeper understanding of evolution. Chapter 1: What is Evolution? This is the introductory part of the book. In my view, the book covers key...
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