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Experience in Music Technology - Personal Statement Example

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The author of the current paper is Bruce Tambling. He has been interested in all kinds of music since his childhood and since his interest was in music he decided to take it up as his career. The decision of taking up music as a career basically came when he was 18. …
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Experience in Music Technology
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Extract of sample "Experience in Music Technology"

Download file to see previous pages The degree will help me to apply as a permanent faculty member in the College where I am teaching right now. Apart from this, it would further help me to take part in other graduating programs of music technology that will eventually help me in my teaching career. Music Technology is basically the art of producing music, it not only covers the entire process of getting an idea of delivering the completed product but it also focuses on the science of music. Music Technology gives you an experience of working with equipment like analog tape machines to the latest computer software and digital audio workstations.
The first course I would like to discuss is Public Speaking that satisfied Oral Communication. The importance of this course cannot be neglected due to the fact that oral communication is an integral part of any type of learning. This course enhanced my communication skills to an extent that my pronunciation improved drastically and my day-to-day communication also improved. The greatest impact was on my vocabulary that increased emphatically. I always liked giving presentations in the class as it brought a lot of confidence in me. The next course I will reflect upon is English Composition 1 that satisfied Written Communication, this course as the previous one, helped me immensely. My writing skills were not very good before taking this course but after completing it, my written communication became fluent and grammatical mistakes almost vanished. Practicing essay writing helped me develop a good writing habit that would certainly help me in my teaching career. Now coming to the next course that is Ecology/Natural Resources that satisfied Natural Science. Learning about natural resources was a really good experience for me. I learned about the different energy resources of our country and how they are extracted. This was an exciting course and learning about other equipment other than related to music was always stimulating. The next course would be the Buddhist Religion that satisfied both Global Understanding and Non-U.S. History and Culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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