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Basic Concepts and Theories of Modern Architecture - Research Paper Example

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The author of the present research paper "Basic Concepts and Theories of Modern Architecture" explains that modern architecture is one that is continuing to redefine the way that communities and society look at different buildings and pieces of artwork…
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Basic Concepts and Theories of Modern Architecture
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Extract of sample "Basic Concepts and Theories of Modern Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages As modern architecture is displayed in society, it is able to create an impact on the philosophies and understanding that is a part of every community.
The beginning of modern architecture is one that was initially defined by the Greeks and Plato, with the belief that architecture that influenced or changed visual understanding and impact was considered modern. The most recent definition of modern architecture; however, began in the 1850s with the emergence of the industrial revolution and the movement into World War I. The concept that was used with modern architecture became influenced through the avant-garde movement, which began to create theories based on experimentation and influences through the breaking of boundaries and traditional forms of architecture. The theories that were created from the avant-garde included changes that directly impacted the technical, economic and social understanding through alternative philosophies. Moving outside of the mainstream and expected demands of popular culture then became the basis of modern architecture and the avant-garde movement. The movement was defined specifically by altering, changing or disregarding the expectations within architecture and the buildings that were a part of this. Instead, architecture was used as an expression of art and the society that surrounded this (Benevolo, 1977). 
The concept of experimentation and the modern architecture that has followed this is further defined by the approach that many architects have used for contemporary methods of buildings.  An important aspect of this is the idea of sophisticated technology.  Combining this with the architecture that it is used for practicality, function, and design has become an important component in architecture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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