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Program and culture class in architecture - Assignment Example

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The list is organized according to my interest in them. Some of the factors I have considered in selecting these sites include accessibility, familiarity, different culture, size, contact…
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Download file to see previous pages I have particularly chosen this site because it presents a different culture from my own. I come from Indonesia and would like to experience a different culture. A sizeable number of customers attends the café and as such, the number will be enough to draw meaningful conclusion.
Riverside Public Library is one of the smallest libraries in the United States and I can easily access it since it is public. It is not congested like other public libraries and as such, I can easily conduct my study there. People attend the library from different cultural background and my visit there will provide me with an opportunity to mix and interact with different cultures. I will be able to identify one fellow who will introduce me to the place.
The grocery is located with the Guatemalteca Bakery Restaurant and offers Guatemalan and Latin American foods. It is visited by a sizeable number of people and is accessible to members of the public. Since It is mostly attended my Latin American people, I will get an opportunity to interact with the new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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