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Three Products in Nostalgic Design - Research Paper Example

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Below is one product. It is a modern audio system made to look like an old time radio. People see it and love the antique look, but what they love more is its modern function. Many people purchase such product based almost solely on their design value.
Below is another product…
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Three Products in Nostalgic Design
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Download file to see previous pages This popcorn machine was designed to approximate 1950s' style. People see it and remember a simpler time when the movies were a communal place. This modern rendition of a past style influences people to buy simply to follow the flow of a reinvented fad.
Below is still another product. It's a pocket watch designed in reminiscence of turn of the century clockwork. People love the thought of the Victorian era when purchasing heirlooms. It's this connection with the past that sells. It says our pieces are timeless as well as built to old fashion standards.

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