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Museum of man- primates - Assignment Example

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Big forward-facing eyes allow for stereoscopic or binocular vision, which permits an animal to perceive and judge depth. Primates as predators needed this depth perception in order to track and pursue…
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Museum of man- primates
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"Museum of man- primates"

Download file to see previous pages It had the biggest and the flattest teeth with the thickest enamel. The front teeth of Paranthropus were relatively smaller.
On the other hand, the cranium of a Chimpanzee is not as high as the one for Paranthropus. Its enamel was less thick than for the Paranthropus species. While, the size of the front teeth of chimpanzee was bigger than the ones for Paranthropus, the sizes of the jaws and the molar back teeth were relatively equal in size.
The Neanderthal and the sapiens skeleton differ in specific ways. They differ in height, stature, shape of the chest and the pelvis. The Neanderthal skeleton is shorter that the sapiens skeleton which is relatively taller. Secondly, the skeleton of the Neanderthal has a stocky stature that was not as upright as for the modern man. The sapiens had an upright posture. Additionally, the Neanderthal had a funnel-shaped and flaring chest. On the other hand, the chest of sapiens was fairly uniform and was not so wide in breath. The pelvis of the Neanderthal was also flaring, a characteristic that lacked in the sapiens’ pelvis.
It can be learned from the Neanderthal’s burial that they believed in life after death, and they also valued the dead. The presence of grave goods such as the bones, bison, aurochs, pigment ochre and tools justifies this fact.
The Neanderthal man was the predecessor of the sapiens. They had emotions. Therefore, they practiced love. They also lived in nuclear families. It means that they valued togetherness and the well-being of their people. They used traditional medication whenever one of them was sick as evidenced by the six flower pollens obtained from Shanidar IV.
The images found in the caves were for stick human beings, wild animals that the early man haunted, outlines of the hands. Man believed that the paintings of the large wild animals such as deer and aurochs would give them good luck during hunting. Paintings of stick human beings pointing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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