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Global health - Assignment Example

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There has been significant improvement in regard to health since the 50s; however, numerous challenges still exist that need to be solved by various stakeholders concerned with the global health. At the moment over a billion people still lack proper health care globally. The…
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Global health
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Extract of sample "Global health"

Global Health Global Health There has been significant improvement in regard to health since the 50s; however, numerous challenges still exist that need to be solved by various stakeholders concerned with the global health. At the moment over a billion people still lack proper health care globally. The diseases that can be prevented still result in millions of death annually across the globe. Example of diseases which seem easier to control, but effort is still lacking in that end include the non- communicable diseases as diabetes. Currently, diseases such as cardiovascular diseases still result in a significant mortality rate globally. In the year 2005 alone, over 17.5million persons succumbed to cardiovascular diseases. This is a staggering 30% representation of deaths globally (World Health Organization, 2014). Deaths related to cardiovascular diseases is mainly common in developing countries and global health stakeholders need to improve healthcare systems in such countries. Malnutrition is another health issue that still needs to be eradicated globally and in particular, in the developing world. At the present, mortality rate among children aged 5years and below stand at 7.5million annually. This is a case whereby preventable measures may involve establishing efficient healthcare systems and funding to sustain such systems in the long term basis. On another note, infectious diseases is also causing headache to global healthcare stakeholders such as the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2008 alone, over 6.7 million persons succumbed to infectious disease. This prevalence rate is higher compared to persons who die from natural causes or other man-made catastrophes (Ney, 2012).
HIV/AIDS is still a menace globally and new infections are reported almost on a daily basis. Much has been done to eradicate Tuberculosis; however, while the treatment is free, Tuberculosis is still a major cause of death in the developing world as a result of ignorance and lack of concerted effort from healthcare stakeholders in various countries, especially the developing world Malaria on the other hand, records high mortality rate among children aged below five years because a lack of primary prevention, and in particular, the Sub-Saharan Africa (Lavery et al., 2013). The solutions to global health problems require a thourough research by the major stakeholders. This allows the establishment of proper mechanisms or policies to deal with global health problems and avoid the mismanagement of funds channeled to solve the various global health problems. The research should also focus on the best alternatives of dealing with the preventable diseases that still causes a high mortality rate across the globe. The best approach of spending global health funding should focus on making sure there are checks and balance regarding how the fund is spent in tackling various health problems across the globe. This would help to reduce the corruption that hinders the proper utilization of the global health funds by various governments across the globe (Greenberg, Raymond & Leeder, 2011).
Global health priorities
Priority 1: Advocating for a healthy lifestyle by establishing educative programs and encouraging public engagement
Statement: Most of the diseases affecting people are mainly as a result of lifestyle and choices. The availability of educative measures regarding healthy lifestyle is essential in preventing various diseases such as the cardiovascular diseases or hypertension (Dybul,Piot & Frenk, 2012).
Priority 2: Allocation of resources by considering the burden of disease
Statement: Certain regions are adversely affected by different diseases because of lack of adequate funds to provide proper medical care. Funds should be channeled to such regions where there is difficulty in providing efficient medical care (Martin & Halachmi, 2012).
Priority 3: Provide adequate funds for antiretroviral treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa
Statement: More people still succumb to HIV/AIDS in the Sub-Saharan Africa because of lacking funds to afford the antiretroviral treatment. Adequate funding would enable the disadvantaged victims to access treatment and prolong their life (Martin & Halachmi, 2012).
Priority 4: Establishing checks and balance to manage funds channeled for healthcare
Statement: Creating checks and balance serve the role of ensuring funds set aside for healthcare programs are used efficiently, and not mismanaged through corrupt means (Martin & Halachmi, 2012).
Priority 5: Allocating resources for research on various diseases
Statement: Research on various infecting people across the globe assist in coming up with better treatment and preventive alternatives (Martin & Halachmi, 2012).
Priority 6: Improve treatment of Tuberculosis in the developing world
Statement: An improvement of Tuberculosis treatment in the third world would play a role in global eradication of the e since, it is treatable and the infected should be advised to seek early treatment (DAmbruoso, 2013).
Priority 7: Establishment of a universal healthcare
Statement: Various governments across the globe need to embrace a universal healthcare where each person can access medical care regardless of their economic status (DAmbruoso, 2013).
$100billion is a substantial amount for addressing global health issues and the first action to take prior to channeling the fund to tackle various health issues involves establishing checks and balances. This ensures that the fund will be spent appropriately in addressing the identified health issues. Since mortality rate is high among children aged below 5years, part of the fund should go towards immunizations of children against the identified diseases such as measles and polio. Specific actions in this sense will involve creating awareness on the diseases affecting children, and initiating a campaign using part of the fund to carry out immunizations in areas mostly affected by the aforementioned diseases.
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World Health Organization.WHO (2014). Global health risks: Mortality and burden of disease
attributable to selected major risks. Retrieved from Read More
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