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Relationship between mythology and earthly authority - Research Paper Example

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Myths have proved to be a rich ground that anthropology researcher can utilize to understand cultures of different people. Understanding different culture is essential to anthropology scholars in their studies about human origin and developments…
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Relationship between mythology and earthly authority
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"Relationship between mythology and earthly authority"

Download file to see previous pages Studying different myths also enable scholars to establish the relationship between different races and the period of their separation. Myths have their basis in the existence of supernatural beings that have extra-ordinary powers. This aspect protects myths from challenges and preserves their credibility. Closely related to mythology is the earthly authority. Unlike mythology, earthly authority is based worldly governance and institutions. Although the two concepts are different, they share common roots and practices. This paper will therefore analyze the relationship between mythology and earthly authority. The paper achieves its objective by discussing the implications of myths on kingship authority. The reality of existence between myth and kingship stands out as the main difference between the two aspects. However, different kingships around the world existed in a close relationship with supernatural world. Relationship between earthly kingships was of immense interest to different rulers since it strengthened their influence. Kingship acted as a link between the supernatural world and the mortal world. In this relationship, the earthly rulers acted as the mediator between the people and the supernatural world. In such cases, the people believed that their kings had direct conversations with their gods and ancestors. The kings or people in authority were also expected to offer sacrifices to the spirits in orders to reconcile them with the people. This usually happened when there was a catastrophe. People believed that catastrophe resulted when the spirits were angry with them. In such cases, the king was expected to offer sacrifice in order to reconcile the people with the spirit spiritual world (Richard, 2004). Kings not only offered sacrifice in order to reconcile the people with the spiritual world but they also offered sacrifice as a form of thanksgiving for a fortune that has taken place in the society. Although people believe in their earthly rulers, they have more faith and adoration to the spiritual world. This indicates that kings associated themselves with mythology in order to build their legitimacy among the people. Believing in spiritual world is human nature that enables people to explain their origin and relationship with the natural world. By acting as the mediator between the spiritual world and the earthly world, kings were able to win people’s confidence. This aspect also enhanced the legitimacy of the kings. Some earthly kings considered themselves as immortal, in such societies people considered the kings as gods. The ancient Egyptian society considered their kings as immediate after their gods. The Egyptians believed that their rulers had powers that were equivalent to the powers of their gods. Ancient Egyptian artifacts such as the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx were constructed to demonstrate the immortal nature of the Egyptian pharaohs. These features demonstrated that different kings existed among the people despite them being dead. Egyptian kings also served as a link between the Egyptians and their gods. They played this role by maintaining Egyptian cults and religious practices. The kings also led religious activities within the society and maintained the temple. The king was also expected to protect the community from the chaotic world by maintaining a close a relationship with the gods. By playing this role, the kings appeared as direct apostles or earthly representative of the gods. This made the society to believe in their kings as they believed in their gods. Playing these roles also enabled the kings to win the confidence of their subject that was vital in strengthen their authority (Ions, 1982). Similarly, the Greeks considered their rulers to have a close ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 5 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the complexity of the issue. I’ve read all at once. Wonderful research
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