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Greek influences on the modern world - Term Paper Example

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Date Greek influences on the modern world The modern world as it is today is to a significant extent as a result of Greek civilization. Almost every aspect of the modern world from philosophy, art, science, architecture and even religion contain some attributes that can be traced back to Greek civilization…
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Greek influences on the modern world
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Greek influences on the modern world

Download file to see previous pages... The innovations by Greek scholars and critiques against mythical beliefs led to an improved understanding of the world and the occurrences within it. The Greeks were the first emancipators of thought. Philosophers such as Thales were revolutionaries of thought. They came up with explanations to counter mythical beliefs and developed practical solutions to solve problems in the society. Pythagoreans helped develop mathematics (Pythagoras, 54). Early cosmologists who studied the universe were also Greek. Another Greek, Hippocrates, made great advances in the field of medicine. Philosophy and Astronomy The whole field of philosophy as practiced today can be attributed to the Greeks. They practically invented everything to do with this field of study. Philosophy refers to the love of wisdom and knowledge. Modern way of thinking that is based on rationality rather than beliefs was established by the Greeks. Thales of Miletus is considered the father of philosophy (Aristotle, 52). The modern day explanations of phenomenon such as lightning and earthquakes are attributed to these early thinkers. This is because they were the ones that questioned the mythical view that the gods were in control of nature. The Ionian Philosophy established by the Greek was the first to study the causes of nature without inclusion of gods in its studies. The advancements made in the field of astronomy can also be attributed to the works of the Greeks. They developed the first theories that tried to explain how the universe was formed. These scholars who were at the time referred to as cosmologists also gave explanations as to the causes of other aspects of nature such as winds, lightning and rain (Aristotle, 52). Mathematics and Science Mathematics is highly essential at this modern time. Most day to day operations in the modern world involve some aspect of mathematics from basic operations to highly complex ones. The Pythagoreans devoted themselves to the development and advancement of mathematics. They also believed that there was some form of mathematical order in nature. This was to be empirically demonstrated by Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein more than two thousand years later (Pythagoras, 54). Pythagoras and other Ionian philosophers developed the earliest form of geometry. The Pythagoras theorem taught in school up to this day was developed long ago by the Greeks. Another example is the Archimedes principle in Physics. Though developed a long time ago, it is still in use today. Science today involves a lot of observation and research work. Premises and accompanying conclusions are made based on solid evidence. This practice was developed by the Ionian Philosophers of Greece and is the basis upon which modern research is conducted. Medicine The field of medicine has seen much advancement over the years. Cures have been developed for diseases that were thought to be incurable. Modern man has been able to cope with disease outbreaks and develop cures thanks to the work of Greeks such as Hippocrates. Considered the father of medicine, Hippocrates, led other medical doctors in Greece to condemn magical practices and beliefs of the time. They said that the mythical beliefs hindered understanding of diseases. An example is the rejection of the belief that epilepsy was a sacred disease hence not curable. Such denunciations are what led to research into what causes these diseases how to develop of the cures. Scholars such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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