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Why is the People Progressive Party still standing today Why were the PPP/C and PNC the two main Political parties - Research Paper Example

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In contemporary Guyana, there are two partisan political parties that exist and persist: the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) and the Peoples National Congress (PNC). Historically, these two parties were one; both of their leaders were co-founders of the PPP prior to the split. …
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Why is the People Progressive Party still standing today Why were the PPP/C and PNC the two main Political parties
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Why is the People Progressive Party still standing today Why were the PPP/C and PNC the two main Political parties

Download file to see previous pages... In spite of the division and final split of the PPP, the two parties remain to be predominant and popular in the Guyana politics. There is logic why PPP and PNC thrive into the present time. The three main reasons why these partisan parties are still standing are because of their (1) middle-class leadership, (2) mass support, and (3) economic/ideological programs. In the long process, the division of the original PPP had generated a racial divide: between Afro- and Indo-Guyanese tribes. This paper discusses the logic of the existence and continuance of the PNC and the PPP in the modern-day Guyanese society. Further, it argues that the two parties are racially entrenched. PPP and PNC, Two Ruling Parties Middle-Class Leadership One of the reasons why the PPP and the PNC are the only two main political parties in Guyana is because both significantly constitute a middle-class membership/leadership. Hintzen observes that there was disunity among Guyanese workers in the 1940s, prior to the establishment of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC). The rationale for this disunity and lack of direction is widely attributed to the absence of middle-class leadership, among other things (Hintzen 33). Workers in the same time-period largely belonged to the lower stratum of the Guyanese society. Perhaps based from the Leninist perspective, Hintzen contends that the numberless lower class needs to be guided by particular educated middle class in pursuing and attaining a certain political/economic objective. The logic for this greatly lies from the fact that middle-class individuals have much more theoretical mindset drawn from their educational upbringing. In the process, the middle class has the capacity to think and plan for the direction and goal of a specific organization. Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham, two prominent leaders of the PPP and the PNC political parties, had extensive educational background -- both studied in Europe. Mass Mobilization It must be noted that the leaders of the two parties dominant in the Guyana political sphere were once “friends” or members of one single organization, the PAC. The split of the PAC in the early 1960s mainly came from the disagreement between Jagan and Burnham (Williams 35). The creation of two contending parties -- the PNC and the PPP -- also created a racial divide among Guyanese people. Williams thus states: “This split … allegedly divided the population along the lines of its major ethnic segments, with Africans supporting the PNC and East Indians supporting the PPP (35). The PNC organization was governed by Burnham while the PPP party was held by Jagan. In essence, the PPP and the PNC are the two predominant political parties in Guyana for the reason that both of them have numerous supporters coming from varied racial background. The Guyanese population is largely composed of people who have an East Indian and African ancestries. The dominance of these racial groups in the said country makes it possible for PPP and PNC to thrive. Economic Program Further, Jagan’s PPP and Burnham’s PNC became the two long-standing parties in the Guyana political landscape for the reason that both possess ideologies or economic programs that are attractive to the people. In the 1970, for instance, the PNC party had introduced a new political paradigm -- what Peake and Trotz call “radical policy change” -- and named its government as a Co-operative Socialist Republic (Peake and Trotz 54). After the 1966 Independence, Burnham’s party/government had revolutionized the processes and systems marked in the Guyana geopolitics. In fact, the PNC had nationalized the companies and/or industries salient in the Guyana economy. Similar to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Why is the People Progressive Party still standing today? Why were the PPP/C and PNC the two main Political parties?" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own research.
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