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Analysis of Articles about Warm Bodies Movie - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of articles about the movie "Warm Bodies" such as “Loving the Other: Warm Bodies as Post-Post-9/11 Zombie Movie”, “Warm Bodies: what our love affair with zombies says about us” and "Mushy 'Warm Bodies' Breaks Zombie Rules"   …
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Analysis of Articles about Warm Bodies Movie
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Articles about Warm Bodies Movie"

Download file to see previous pages The author recognizes the uniqueness of the zombie in warm waters movie compared to other zombies seen in movies or read in books.
The author tries to analyze the contribution of “R” as the main character. The article will be fundamental in understanding zombies, the role of “R,” and how the movie grabbed teens attention. As such, the article is current and relevant to reviewing the movie, Warm waters.
Hamilton, Mary. “Warm Bodies: what our love affair with zombies says about us.” The Guardian, 8 February 2013. Web. 16 March 2015. <>
The article by Mary Hamilton shows how our relationships with zombies say about our culture. The author reckons that Warm Bodies is a zombie romantic comedy that invades popular consciousness. The article asserts that zombie movies have been attracting immense attention in the recent past. The author presents the cultural significance of zombies and notes that zombies depict human loneliness and ability to deal with the disaster.
According to the author, the cultural significance of zombies has changed over time and recognizes the epidemic of zombie culture seen in books, films, games, and zombie experiences. The article claims that the movie, Warm Bodies is just another zombie story where zombies are human but act like monsters. The audience can use the article to understand the impact of zombies on our culture where humanizing monsters relates to the acceptance of our dark cultures.
The journal article by Kevin Johnson shows how the main character “R” is special than the other zombies seen in movies or read about in books. The article depicts R as a hero who survived a plague. Unlike other zombies, the author shows that R (Nicholas Hoult) depicts a high thinking capacity while he was wandering through an airport.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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