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The King of Pop VS The King of Rock N Roll - Essay Example

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Many musicians have gained fame as a result of their ability to either entertain or pass across inspirational messages to the audience. However, many listeners are mostly attracted towards certain…
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The King of Pop VS The King of Rock N Roll
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Download file to see previous pages Another artist who gained fame from his ability to entertain the audience with passionate dancing moves is Elvis Presley. The eye-popping dancing moves displayed by both Jackson and Elvis resulted to them being crowned as king of Pop and Rock N Roll respectively. Therefore, the essay will seek to provide detailed comparison between Jackson and Elvis with respect to their dancing power as well as their contribution towards musical dancing styles.
The fame and popularity of both Jackson and Elvis resulted from their ability to drive their audience wild. Since the two artists specialized in different genres, their dancing styles also varied. Taking a look at the Jackson, he managed to cement his name not only as the king of Pop music but also the master of dance floor (Steve Huey). Jackson managed to increase the number of his followers following his ability to display extra ordinary dancing moves. He could make slicker glide accompanied with snappier heel leading to fine and smooth moonwalk dancing moves.
Despite being a talented singer, Jackson had mastered ways of spinning around his dancing move and then slotting it into the beats as if it is a musical riff (Roy). While his audience surrendered as he ruled the stage, his taut and perfectly rhythmic dancing moves totally changed various aspects of his music videos. The style, story, the value of production and audience to Jackson’s music videos were greatly impacted by iconic dancing moves. The smooth formation drills as well as gravity-defying lean and crotch-grab are among the ground breaking dancing moves that have greatly shaped the modern Pop culture (Roy). The dancing moves by Jackson have had lasting impacts in the field of entertainment. Endless examples can be witnessed in the dances employed by film stars in Bollywood as well as sharply choreographed bands in the early 1990s.
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