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Botticelli, Birth of Venus and Venus De Milo - Essay Example

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In the essay “Botticelli, Birth of Venus and Venus De Milo” the author analyzes the two artworks, Botticelli birth of Venus and Venus de Milo, which show similarities in the sense that both were nude. Both the artworks held the status of being masterpieces…
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Botticelli, Birth of Venus and Venus De Milo
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Download file to see previous pages The well-mixed primary colors resulted in clearly defined secondary colors. The colors provided an outstanding emphasis on the beauty’s milky skin color. Artists illustrate Venus as one of the most beautiful and chaste goddesses who remained as a symbol of coming spring.
Painters designed her nudity to depict some significance in itself because all artworks of Renaissance history revolved around the theme of Christianity at that time. At the time, it was not easy to portray a woman as nude (Siapkas & Sjogren, 2013). Most aspects of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus manipulate in motion. For instance, a succinct observation of the orange tree leaves in her background as well as her hair shows that Zephyrs had blown them away. They are floating behind her, the cloaks and the waves gently breaking. Further, the breeze also blows and lifts her drapery of the figures.
The Venus de Milo statue had a carved right arm that lay across the torso with a rested right hand on the left knee that remained raised. Meanwhile, the left arm held up an apple at an eye level. The statute comprises two blocks of marble that sculptured on separate occasions, then joined at the hips (Judovitz & Duchamp, 2010). The sculptors used tendon joints to fashion the left arm and foot, though as different pieces.
Venus de Milo had some of its parts broken during transportation including right hip and three other pieces. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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