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Friar Lawrence's Influence on Romeo & Juliet Through Baz Luhrmann's Eyes - Essay Example

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At the initial glance of the story, a reader may simply over look Friar Lawrence and consider him a minor character in the William Shakespeare’s story “Romeo and Juliet.” However, when one takes a keen examination of the story line, they most probably recognize that Friar…
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Friar Lawrences Influence on Romeo & Juliet Through Baz Luhrmanns Eyes
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Extract of sample "Friar Lawrence's Influence on Romeo & Juliet Through Baz Luhrmann's Eyes"

Download file to see previous pages Generally, Baz Luhrmanns film provides a perfect understanding of the occurrences in the play. In the film, Luhrmann utilizes artificial and natural light to signify Friar Lawrences influence on Romeo and Juliet.
Certainly, the influences of Friar Lawrence results to action in the dramatic end of the play. Without the presence of this character in the play, chances of the occurrence of a tragedy are minimal. Friar decides to marry Romeo and Juliet, thereby being the direct cause of the end tragedy. In other words, assuming that Friar did not marry the two, chances of Romeo and Juliet dying would be minimal. Moreover, Friar Lawrence pushes Romeo at an inopportune point where Romeo becomes uncertain about the position he occupies in love, and Friar Lawrence has hopes that the marriage has high possibilities of generating a positive impact on the quarrelling families. This is evident when Friar Comments;
The intentions that Friar has for the potion are good, however, the results of using this portion becomes tragic. The main intention that Friar has for this portion is to help bring together the two feuding families, and at the same time keep Romeo and Juliet together, but unfortunately, this plan ends up to be a contribution of a double suicide.
Further, in Luhrmann’s film, Friar Lawrence is depicted as having intense influence on the dreadful outcome of the play. In the play, Friar Lawrence is a holy man trusted by everybody, and Romeo and Juliet hold his judgments with highest reverence. In other words, Friar is a representation of wisdom and moderation (Brenner 58).
Despite all the respect and trust that Friar receives, he fails to offer a sensible solution to Romeo and Juliet’s dilemma. Romeo and Juliet’s sad end results from Friar Lawrences inclination to hasty action, his fright of being embarrassed, and his irresponsibility. The first shortcoming of Friar that contributes to tragic outcome is the manner in which he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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