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Dress Code in High Schools in United State Are you with or against - Essay Example

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However, as years have passed by, more and more schools have continued to adopt dress codes (Gentile & Imberman, 2010). Whereas there have been challenges on the constitutionality…
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Dress Code in High Schools in United State Are you with or against
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Download file to see previous pages Administrations of high schools hold the responsibility of ensuring that their schools remain safe and orderly. With the Education Commission of States, ECS (2014) citing statistics from the National School Board Association estimating the number of guns snaked into American public schools at 135,000, the implementation of dress codes would play a critical role in identifying such persons and thus promote a safe school environment. Raby (2012) documents dress codes that require students to expose their belt lines as significant in deterring the concealing of guns under clothing. Furthermore, it is easier for intruders to be identified in a school that has a dress code (Wilder & Key, 2007). This plays a critical role in identifying any persons who come to school with ill intent. Schools that have implemented dress codes have recorded a decrease in fights and violence.
Dress codes improve students’ academic performance. This is because, as documented by Gentile and Imberman (2010), having a standard way of dressing helps students concentrate on their academics. It saves a lot of time spent dressing, especially for adolescent students, thus saving time for studies and sleep, both of which promote academic achievement. Thus, dress codes help schools achieve their academic objectives.
Thirdly, schools with dress codes have been noted to promote positive educational environments. Such positive educational environments have been promoted by requiring students to wear uniforms. Wilder and Key (2007) support this argument by giving an account of President Clinton’s 1996 State of the Union address which endorsed the idea of uniforms in schools following findings that school uniforms instilled student discipline, decreased theft and increased resistance to peer pressure. Sharing in the same sentiments, Raby (2012) observes that dress codes in schools reduce teasing among students. This promotes harmony in the school, fostering an appropriate environment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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