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Evaluation of the Visual Environment - analyse the interactions between surfaces and light - Essay Example

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An architectural space is highlighted by light whether it is natural or artificial .Light has a critical role to play in any architectural space and the effect depends on the nature of light. The architectural space can be of any type like bedrooms, bathroom space, lobby or…
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Evaluation of the Visual Environment - analyse the interactions between surfaces and light
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Download file to see previous pages Whenever light hits on a surface, three possibilities exist: It is reflected, transmitted or absorbed (Phillips,2008).
Wall -The walls of a room do not emit light but reflects light from the lights on the ceilings or coming from outside. The large part of light falls on the walls and they have a significant role in changing the atmosphere of an architectural space. Light bounces or reflects off the wall and light up the entire room and here the light is coming from outside through glass on the wall. Light definitely does scatter off all kinds of different surfaces, but when there is light on the ceiling, that will be illuminating the walls, the walls will tend to appear bright because the light is scattering off those walls, and they’ll for example preferentially scatter some colors more than
others”. (Karsh,2013) The color of the walls makes the light absorb or reflect light. Naturally white walls here reflect all the light hit on its surface and makes the room look brighter or whiter. All reflected light follow the relationship, called Snells Law, that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection (Optical Society of America, 2008) .Here, there is also glass on the walls which does not reflect light. The absorption of light on the wall depends on the color of the wall. The dark colored walls absorb light comparing to light colored and white walls. The glass walls absorb some of the light and make the room less bright. Glass has to do something more than transmitting light ( Brite,2013) .The glass walls in the kitchen does transmit light into the kitchen very well. The glass wall in the kitchen refract and enter the room .Nowadays, house owners want views from every corner of the room. As large expanses of glass became architecturally acceptable in traditional and modern homes, new technology is allowing living in a fishbowl more practical (Bounds, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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