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An Anthology for Writers - Essay Example

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The author of the current paper claims that art is one of the most effective ways of passing history from one generation to another. The different forms of art are diverse and dynamic hence reflections the periodical social changes in society are often visible in contemporary artwork.  …
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An Anthology for Writers
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Download file to see previous pages The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of the most renowned museums in the U.S and the world in terms and it is home to many timeless masterpieces, which preserve generation’s worth of history. My visit to this museum captured my interest especially in relation to the arguments of Walker Percy in his text, The Loss of The Creature.
Walker’s text inspires me in relation to the presented arguments about human behavior and social interaction with; He demonstrates that when one contemplates objects in a natural environment they are likely to appreciate and benefit more. He uses the analogy of a boy cutting up a dogfish he found on the beach with a knife whom he argues, has a greater advantage over “pupil who finds the dogfish on his laboratory desk” (Percy 2). The museum is a close attempt at recreating a natural environment and this makes the visits there comparatively adventurous and romantic, therefore, they can easily relate to Walker’s subject matter in the text. The museum was rich in history, and I wanted to apply the different perspectives outlined in the text in order to assess their credibility. The collections in the museum were overwhelming and amazing such that at some point, I had to stop paying attention to the text’s argument in order to experience the true nature of every single item housed in the museum.
The aspect of reality was partially ignored by the humans highlighted in Walker’s text (Bartholomae and Petrosky 436). Being aware of this factor and basing this story on the text, I can undoubtedly admit that I experienced every bit of reality in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Fine art collections in the museum date back to several centuries ago and these artifacts remain informative of prehistoric and historic periods. On the same note, over-the-years artifacts have been availed to the museum for display to the visitors. In other words, there is an interconnection between past and contemporary artworks. Highlights of my journey to Museum were two sections: European and Ancient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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